Regarding the banning of cheating in arcade mode


I would like to inquire whether Gaijin has specific measures to ban cheating in the arcade mode. After all, arcade mode does not require the use of anti-cheat systems, and in various online shopping websites in China, cheating programs can be purchased at a very low price for a day. Cheaters often pretend that they are not using cheats in the game, and they can even disguise themselves as beginners. It is very difficult to identify them based solely on watching the game demo. Even if they appear to be cheaters, there is often a lack of substantial evidence to ban them.
Thank you very much.

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I believe Air Arcade is the only mode you can play without enabling EAC. I don’t know or understand why this is, but as a long time and still mainly player of Air Arcade, I really do not know why anyone would need that kind of “assistance” anyway. I mean the game in general is made so that it is pretty easy for players to get kills, and many times this is regardless of any “skill” level. The recent addition of the “Severe Damage” mechanic, hit detection nerf and some other changes has made it a lot more difficult in Air AB than it was in the past to a pretty big degree. But I still cannot understand why anyone would even consider “cheating” and risk losing all their progress. Makes no sense to me.
But I am fairly sure you need to have EAC enabled to play any tank or naval mode.

Surprised this is still an open topic after a good few hours.
If the company were to state that cheating is a problem in the game it would be commercially disastrous, who wants to play a game where the only way to be competitive is to cheat or be left behind ?
So it is handled very unobtrusively, a few statements about how it is being dealt with and a list of accounts banned, I expect most of the accounts are throw away ones with people just trying out new cheat methods or seeing how far they can get before being banned.
But who really knows how bad it actually is, the depth and sophistication of some of the methods used will be eye opening, due to the information being sensitive what information is being communicated between server and computer and how is it handled ? Remember back in the day with WoT the information that some of the cheats were obtaining and using was practically game breaking, showing direction of barrels, reload and repair times being ones that stood out.
Personally I think it is a bigger problem than is being admitted and a lot of it is going unnoticed due to how reporting is done and a general punching down by the majority of players that just shout ‘Get Gud’ at anybody enquiring as to how some amazing things happen.
Or it could be that it is just a game of utter randomness where a shot lobbed at someone over a kilometer away with no chance of penetration one shot kills, while a shot at point blank range misses or fails to do any serious damage, who knows.

Air AB/RB and Ground AB are playable without EAC.

Air arcade, air realistic, air simulator, naval arcade, ground arcade, and ground simulator all do not require EAC.

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Wow . . . I just turned it on when it came out but have had instances where it was shut off for some reason and when I went to play it told me I had to enable it to play that mode(not sure which now). But I mainly play Air AB to do tasks for the BP anymore, and I have just always had it on. I knew I could play that mode without it, but as I stated earlier, I don’t understand why anyone would need “assistance” in that mode. Or basically any mode the game. But to me, either have an anti-cheat program for ALL modes, or just don’t use that particular “app” . . . off or on, all the same for everyone . . seems more legit . . . to me anyway