Reduce Multipathing for Active Radar Homing (Fox 3) Missiles in Air-Simulator Game Mode

No but i’m assuming it is a pretty poweful missile by how ur referring to it and by the graph you showed, if it’s not that powerful then gaijin will add it no problem :)

btw it’s strange that you got bothered enough to check my playercard, looks like someone’s mad (idk why).

Not really. I’m just interested in why ignoramus’ always push into their own doom. If GJ removes MP you’ll probably come cry here day in day out when ppl start raping you…no point in explaining you anything, anyway.

Tested for like 4 hours yesterday and really liked the idea, even more considering that 3rd gen now can defend themselves much better than before. The only person crying here is you even when nothing really serious happened, go test the devserver, it’s not that hellish gameplay you’re thinking, you just have to notch a bit more.


I mean, sure, but that means at the very minimum 6 month of unplayable top tier.

I also didn’t mention that planes start without chaff, and the latest change made chaff basically mandatory to have to defeat Fox 3.

I love me ramjet missile.

TBH, i hadnt thought of that… there gonna have to give us stock flares/chaff and not make us research it for top teir jets. Along with stock options for at least 2xIR and 2xSARH missiles.

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Sir, although i dont touch top tier sb, mainly due to it being a cluster fuck of a furball constantly and me being in a tornado, im not going to comment on how itll effect it as in my eyes top tier sb is already aids to fly as it is. However, this wont be effecting the 10.3-11.3 br range, which will probabaly become the most fun br range for SARH missiles in the enxt update, due to most people at these brs having decent enough RWRs and or radars to combat these missiles.

Notching is such a vital Technic in sim that i find it hard to believe anyone doesnt know how to use it, and how easy it is. Its to the point on some aircraft i dont bother chaffing as its a waste of countermeasures and my rwr is accurate enough to rely on.


floating point error?

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