Real role for self-propelled artillery vehicles

I figured that it is possible to do an artillery tactic called MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) in War Thunder, it will be awesome if Gaijin makes these self-propelled artillery vehicles stay where they supposed to be, give them recon drone and specific location in battle (because current maps is too small), maybe a tool for calculating distance. How are you guys thinking?

Generally I would like to see player-artillery opposed to the current ability, but that sadly not realistic with current map sizes.

Artillery would be at least 5-10km away from the Map. Because if you try just to shoot from your usual map spawn, 1-2km from the enemy, the firing arc is too flat, you wouldn’t be able to shoot OVER obstacles.

There are only like 2 Vehicles (BMP3 and BMD4) that have shells that are slow enough to do some kind of arc firing.

So yeah, probably not gonna happen.
If you ask how they did it in WOT, they just comically increased the shell arcs for their artillery. But that is too unrealistic for War Thunder to implement.


Have any of you here tried to range it and managed to destroy placed weapons such as the AA’s at the enemy airfield?

Generally I’m against indirect fire mechanics being added to WT, not being able to control how you die is incredibly annoying.

If I overextend or get too brave and get killed yeah that’s a skill issue and if I get killed by CAS I can spawn SPAA, what am I supposed to do against an artillery shell?

“Just play CAS”, okay, sure, but this would lead to CAS becoming even more prevalent in games when it is an issue as is, not to mention the fact that you would have to grind through an entirely other TT just so your don’t suffer from arty.

SPGs are fine as is, they’re a bit niche but not more so than other tank destroyers, and whereas some TD guns aren’t effective enough to go through heavy tanks, pretty much any tank in the game can die in one hit to an SPG.


do you know? SPGs spend most of their time attacking infantry, not tanks. And in this game, there are only tanks

yes I have, it is AA gun at heli pad, it is destroyed but respawn the new one soon

Naisu. Do you received rewards for that?

This is actually something that is so cool, that it should do the rounds of Gaijin to show what a good thing they are on to.

what kind of reward? I am just testing it

Silver lions, kill count etc

i did the math in this thread:

but tldr:
even the slowest rounds take about two minutes before they land at the current sizes of maps. not really a playable tactic as any target you shoot at will be gone by the time the shell lands.
and MANY artillery in war thunder would vastly overshoot all the maps.

True, also, saying that, the enemy team could just have 3 Artillerys and each fire at one of the points the whole time. No chance in capping without getting killed, if done right.

Practically impossible to make this work in game.
Even if such features were added it would likely get neglected by the vast majority of players in favor of actual fun driving around the map.