RB75T on Swedish JAS39C (TV guided?!)

Why does the RB75T currently have an TV-guided Seeker and not an IR-guided one?
The other Gripens (C-Variant) can carry the AGM-65G WITH an IR-guided Seekerhead and the RB-75T is the exact copy (just renamed if Im not wrong) with no difference between those two otherwise. I checked the Internet multiple times and all sources say that the RB75T has an IR seeker like the AGM65D and the warhead from a AGM65G (so basically an G like it is in game rn). So is this just the devs being off-guard and forgot to change the TV to an IR (just Text wise) but it is IR guided or am I just wrong? IRL the “T” in RB75T typically indicates that it is a training version, but it retains the same seeker technology as the operational models. Therefore, the RB75T should an IR seeker like the AGM-65D and G right? Unfortunately the Wikipedia entry isnt saying much about the RB75 or the Export versions of the Maverick but maybe you know something more?
~Shadow DJ

can you show your evidence that the rb75T uses an ir tracker? because im pretty sure that the T stands for “Tung”, heavy in Swedish, not of training, by what i have seen it kept the regular rb75 seeker which is based on the agm65a with a different warhead closer to that of the agm 65H

Yeah, you´re right. I just read the same article you linked in your comment. I can´t find it right now but I´ve read it somewhere that the RB75T is just an export Version of the AGM65G (not sure if it was wikipedia). Also (I know that Chat GPT or Ai´s in general are not a trusty source) some Ai´s have told me that it has an IR guided seeker. My sources arent that trustworthy, sorry…

Quote on quote Chat GPT (not trusty Ik):


“Does the Swedish RB75T have an IR seeker like the american AGM65-D?”


"The Swedish RB75T, which is a variant of the AGM-65 Maverick missile, indeed features an infrared (IR) seeker similar to the American AGM-65D. The AGM-65D Maverick is equipped with an IR seeker that enables it to lock onto targets based on their heat signatures, allowing for effective targeting in various conditions, including low visibility.

The RB75T shares this capability, as it is derived from the AGM-65 Maverick series and adapted for Swedish use. The “T” in RB75T typically indicates that it is a training version, but it retains the same seeker technology as the operational models. Therefore, yes, the RB75T has an IR seeker like the AGM-65D."


“Does the RB75 have an IR seeker?”


"The RB75, the Swedish designation for a variant of the AGM-65 Maverick missile, primarily refers to the AGM-65A version. The AGM-65A is equipped with an electro-optical TV seeker, not an infrared (IR) seeker.

The AGM-65D, on the other hand, is the version of the Maverick missile equipped with an IR seeker. If Sweden has a version of the AGM-65D, it would be designated differently, potentially as RB75D or another similar designation, depending on Swedish naming conventions.

So, the RB75 in its original form does not have an IR seeker; it uses an electro-optical TV seeker instead."

If i remember correctly, the Tung stands for Heavy which means Heavy/Heavier HE filler.

Still the addition of RB75T would be a small but fresh to sweden lacking CAS capabilities (when compared to nation such as italy, soviet, USA)

Or they could just give the Taurus KEPD 350
Which aint gonna happen considering it’s Sweden and what gaijin did to Gripen A, and Viggens.

the taurus is an cruise missile i dont think that it can even target tanks.

it doesnt have an IR seeker if i recall correctly, it only swapped to the SAP warhead of the F/G mav while keeping the A’s seeker

It doesn’t have an IR seeker. It’s the exact same as the A variant Maverick but with a bigger warhead.

Yea, thanks! I still hope it would have one, because all the other gripens have the G modifaction and only the swedish doesnt ( I would like to have an IR guided weapon on the swedish CAS planes in general)

well… you’re SOL there sadly. sweden never operated anything but the mavs with the most basic TV seeker.

I tested RB75T abit, since i was waiting for better range to tracking moving targets. RB75 had 3km range max on tracking moving target and RB75T has around 6km which is an improvement but how usable that is in top tier ground when SPAA’s reach 10+km…

Sweden just seems to be lacking A2G capabilities at the level of others, unless we are going to get norwegian or DK F16 at some point i kinda fear its gonna stay that way.