Random frequent crashes while running on proton


So i’m playing on proton because the native version has… problems. My game keeps crashing during battles. Like it will run perfectly for a couple minutes and then crash. It happens randomly tho, crushed in the menu too a couple of times. Maybe someone here knows what this error means?

I’m running the latest version of proton on fedora 39.
GPU: GTX 1080
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600

Hello @GrubyZNasa,

Well Gaijin do not support the Windows client running on Proton as there is a native Linux client. So there isn’t really anything I can do to help you on that front.

What are the problems you are having with the native Linux client?

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I would be perfectly happy to use the native client if it worked correctly.

There are several small issues but i’m not going to go into that
The worst problem is the fact that the mouse cursor doesn’t lock to the center of the screen, so in air battles I can turn 2 degrees in each direction.
And related to that - I have a dual monitor setup, and even in fullscreen mode the mouse runs off to the second monitor.
So as it stands the native version is completely unplayable.

Right, Yes the mouse cursor leaving the game window is a known issue when running WT on Wayland. This does not happen on X11 so you could try switching to that. Some people also use gamescope to work around that issue as well.

While the native version works totally fine gameplay wise its also a known fact that Gaijin doesn’t really care about that version. The native Linux version still runs on ancient Vulkan 1.1 and X11 (while all major DE’s phasing out the abandoned X11 for Wayland), thus limiting the performance quite significantly. Proton gives way better performance until it creates a Kernel panic.

Besides the already know issues with the native build there is also a new one for three months roughly and that is a non working changelog.

And according to rumours when Gaijin decides to implement DENUVO Anti-Cheat (which they desperately NEED) then only Proton will be supported, stated by DENUVO themselves (3 year old statement).

Hello @Linux-Power-User,

While yes WT still only has native support for X11 moving to a native Wayland implementation probably won’t change performance all that much. And how do you know WT is only Vulkan 1.1 exactly? To my knowledge the version of Vulkan that is required from the GPU is down to what extensions you use, Not just what version the game is made with.

What exactly do you mean when you say “non working changelog”?

This has already been answered by a CM here:

According to the PCGamingWiki War Thunder uses Vulkan 1.1, today I checked it with Mangohud and it shows 1.3. Either way it doesn’t change the fact that it runs better with Proton, until it crashes at least, and has less bugs than the Linux build.

The in-game changelog is in a loading loop that runs with 2 fps.

I’ve read this thread before when the denuvotest depot was discovered. Not dropping Linux support could also mean focusing on Proton since DENUVO itself doesn’t support Linux natively (for now) but they support Proton. Steamworks gets Denuvo Anti-Cheat, here's what Irdeto say about Linux support | GamingOnLinux

Regarding the in game change log, I’m assuming that is happening on the Native Linux client? If so could you please delete your “cache” directory inside your main “WarThunder” directory and see if it still happens?

Sorry for the late response, I got sick over the weekend and still am.

I did delete the cache but it changed nothing.
I did also start Steam via the terminal to see if there are any errors or other odd behaviour for WT. You can look in the Pastebin yourself. I noticed it live in the terminal that when WT shows the loaded home screen it downloaded some files/informations (line 218 to 223) and was dead silence after that (everything after line 225 happened by closing WT). Then I opened the broken changelog and still dead silence.
So I assume that the module that is responsible for the changelog is not triggered at all.

Here are my launch options if that is of any use: RADV_FORCE_VRS=2x2 RADV_DEBUG=novrsflatshading gamescope -f -e -h 1440 -- %command%

The environment variables and what they do are well documented here: https://docs.mesa3d.org/envvars.html

No worries. :)

Right, Could you please submit a report on the Gaijin bug reporting platform for this issue?
Making sure to follow the guidelines and upload all required files and information.


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