R-27ER & R-73 flare/chaff resistance nerfed too hard

Went in to the second dev server test yesterday and find that both R-27ER and R-73 become very easily attracted by chaff/flares. R-27ER will go after chaffs 7 out of 10 times and sometimes just dont track at all. I am testing on Mig-29SMT so this can also be a N010M radar problem/bug as it also tends to lost lock even when the enemy is not notching very well. Here is a short video to show directly how both missile performed on dev server:


Edited disclaimer: I know those R-27 shots in the video are not perfect, but I have taken hundreds of similar shots in live server and they hit 8 out of 10 times, nothing that crazy like how it performs in Dev server.

IMO considering the invisibility and flare resistance of AIM-9M now and F-16’s overall better radar and avionics, such a harsh nerf on both R-27er and R-73, as well as the unstable N010M radar will make SMT very painful to play and lead to utmost dominance of the US in Air RB

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Agreed. I have played both mig29smt and f16c.
The smt has a significantly worse maneuver and also the energy stored compare with the f16 with the unlocked overload.
Even R73 has a better maneuverbility, but still it is esay to dodged by flares, especially f16c (120* flare). Compare with f16c, the smt only received 60* with poor energy storage, once will spend both flare and your energy while dodging those 9Ms, so you will either killed by 9M or the gun once a f16c dogfighting with you and a great possibility to be hunted.


Lmao all that video shows you un-ironically have skill issue. Learn to use ERs better


Those were some awful R-27ER shots. You shot at rear aspect/notching, low closing velocity and chaffing targets expecting it hit.

Shot on valname was a terrible. And on Sirtastier all had very little chance of a hit.


bro, no offense, someone needs to teach you how to use missiles, every single shot you took had terrible parameters and before the enemy even maneuvered, had a terrible chance of hitting.


Check this one or the A1H test video below

Flaring the 9M requires you pick a direction you want to missile to go, pull that direction, flare, and then pull a different direction.

If you pull, flare and keep pulling the same direction the seeker will use your last known interia to track and keep reacquiring you.


Or this one they tested A1H (the propeller aircraft!!!) with secondary turning

Exactly what did I say above, for some jets in top tier they have poor energy storage with poor amount of countermeasure. How can they survived by f16c?

As someone who played Mig-29 for almost 500 games and got almost 2KD I definitely know these are not perfect R-27ER shots, and I definitely did not add the successful ones into the video.

But the point being make here is those shots in the current official server will hit nonetheless, it is only in Dev server that they miss. I have taken plenty of those “awful” shots in standard server and they hit 9 out of 10 times


no those shots wouldnt

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Also for shot on Dankmeme he didnt even flare/chaff, and the radar tracks just fine yet missile misses. The main thing I experience is that the N010M radar loses track more easily comparing to N019, also R-27ER seems to track worse compare to live server. The clips are from a custom battle server so I’m not sure if the internet connection latency could be a factor of influnece here

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Just tested the R-73, what the hell happened to it ?

It just feels like a R-60 pulling 40G. It lacks AoA and it doesn’t even feel like it’s thrust vectoring anymore…

Also the close range Flare resistant is really bad now. It is far from what it was before nerf on the first dev-server… (the most accurate version)


There is an issue with missile guidance on games where the duration of the session has gone on for too long, this is a particular problem for SIM EC. But a long custom battle would also result in the same issue.


That got fixed, but yesterday in normal server it seemed to happen again