Qatari Leopard 2A7+ (2A7Q)

With that kind of leap in logic Israel should be a German subtree


The 2A7+ to Israel as the version from Qatar? No.

The 2A7+ to Germany: yes
but then why not use the “normal” 2A7+ anyway?

The 2A7+ being the final version of the earlier PSO (already in game; build for urban warfare) would be fit perfectly in the Import/Prototype line behind the 2k (and the PSO if Gaijin decides to move it in the right line where it belongs).
As for BR: 11.7 at the moment, but certainly Top-Tier when they increase the BR

The only other country I see getting the 2A7+ in the foreseeable future is Hungary as the 2A7HU in the Italian Tree.

I agree, Turkiye is more of an option from a technological perspective than a political one. The first unique MBTs Turkiye operated were Sabras, upgraded Magach 7s designed by and purchased from Israel. Turkiye doesn’t have a lot of MBTs, but they are a leader in IFV development (which Israel only really has 3-4 options of indigenously) and air-defense (another thing lacking in the Israeli tech tree).


As many pointed out, israel needs

  • merkavas to be fixed,
  • light tanks
  • support vehicles like pereh etc.
  • aa

Not premium leopard2a7.


I kinda would love to see it as a upgrade package for the current Leopard 2A7 like the russians with their era upgrade

It would actually be downgrade if we were to recieve more modern APFSDS in the future.

Correct. In the long term, 2A7Q would be a downgrade from the 2A7V (especially if the latter receives fixes).

Ye, it seemed like dude didnt read through the topic, so i just linked your comment.

I strongly recommend Qatar’s A7 to join Israel because Israel’s main battle tanks are too poor, and although Qatar has not established diplomatic relations, its relationship is also very good. It is correct to join Israel, otherwise it would be extremely foolish

that excuse its rather poor and has no base whatsoever to stand as a proper suggestion due to the fact israel dosent really have any strong diplomatic relations


+1 but to either Germany, Future Turkish of if possible a future Gulf Arab TT BUT NOT ISRAEL and no going “but they are qoute on quote ‘allies’” or “they are in the same geographic region” or even “They’re suffering/not meta” is not a valid excuse.

Having any Arab vehicles in the Israeli TT (excluding captured vehicles that Israel operates), let alone a subtree of an Arab nation as a subtree of Israel is like adding South Korean subtree to Japan, it’s not only not going to end well but also it doesn’t make sense and the justifications do not hold any water


Can you tell me what’s going on with the F16AJ in Japan? What’s wrong with T80U in Sweden? This is just a game. Israel is the most pitiful country that needs to update its tanks

Those were trialed or proposed to the nation.
Was the 2a7q proposed or trisled in Israel?
No? Then it shouldnt go israel

Israels best bet is a subtree in form of either chile or singapore



especially since Israel will get a Leopard from either of the options listed

or alternatively Israel could get Azerbaijan, the one majority Muslim state that has positive relations with Israel both in terms of government and populous

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Yeah it’s just a game.
Let’s add the Arab subtree to Israel, add Irish vehicles to the UK, and add Ukrainian vehicles to Russia.
Does TT need to be divided into countries?
It’s a game anyway, so why not just combine it all?

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F16AJ, proposed
T80U, trialed

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I strongly support your decision that Leopard A7 must join Israel. They are all Middle Eastern countries, and from a game balance perspective, this is the correct decision. The Israeli ground team needs A7

2A7Q dosent belong in Israel there are more reallistic tech tree options than Qatar.


So you agree the rest of the Asian countries should go to Japan since “they are all Asian countries”?


He’s just a troll