Qatari Leopard 2A7+ (2A7Q)

Qatari Leopard 2A7+








In 2013, Qatar commissioned KMW for 62 tanks. By 2016, KMW had delivered the first batch of Leopard 2A7+ tanks under this agreement. The Leopard 2A7+ is tailored for urban warfare and features a 120mm smoothbore gun L55 developed by Rheinmetall GmbH. It boasts modular IED and mine protection, along with an urban operations kit providing full RPG protection and defense against KE and SC projectiles, especially on the frontal arc.

The Leopard 2A7+ stands as a contemporary iteration of the Leopard 2A6 MBT (Main Battle Tank), a product of the innovative minds at the German Company KMW (Kraus-Maffei Wegmann). Unveiled to the public for the first time during the Eurosatory 2010 event, it proudly bore the mark “Developed by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann KMW - tested and qualified by German MoD (Ministry of Defense)”. Embraced by the Bundeswehr (German Army) under the moniker UrbOb for urban operations, the planned transition from 50 German Leopard 2s to the advanced Leopard 2A7+ commenced in 2012. With a strategic focus on versatility, the Leopard 2A7+ is engineered to thrive in both low-intensity skirmishes and high-intensity conflicts alike. Dubbed LEOPARD 2 A7+, it integrates a modular protection kit, heightened mobility, augmented sustainability, refined reconnaissance capabilities, and enhanced precision in deploying its array of weaponry. The emergence of asymmetrical threats from terrorist factions, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), or lone operatives has underscored the need for adaptable solutions in modern deployment zones. Through the LEOPARD 2A7+, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann endeavors to furnish armored units with the means to fulfill their mandates with efficacy and assurance of safety. The upgrade package is open for integration across all LEOPARD 2 variants, comprising a comprehensive suite of components. In 2011, speculation arose regarding Saudi Arabia’s interest in procuring 270 German Leopard 2A7+ main battle tanks, yet no official confirmation ensued from Germany. The initial consignment of Leopard 2A7+ MBTs purportedly reached Qatar in October 2015, courtesy of the German Company KMW. Subsequently, the second tranche of Leopard 2A7+ units was dispatched in October 2016, constituting nearly half of the 62 units contracted by Doha in a $2.21 billion U.S. agreement inked in 2013. Qatar’s acquisition total has been pegged at 200 units. On 19 December 2018, as part of its modernization endeavor, Hungary sealed a deal for the acquisition of 44 new Leopard 2 A7+ main battle tanks from German defense firm Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW). In response, KMW received a mandate to deliver the 44 Leopard 2A7+ tanks to the Hungarian Defence Forces between 2021 and 2025. Citing information disclosed in May 2022 by the Reuters news agency, the Czech Republic is currently engaged in discussions with Germany regarding the potential procurement of 50 Leopard 2A7+ tanks.


(It’s basically a standard 2A7+ with a different camo and a net)

Length (turret at 12 o’clock)
up to 10.97 m

3.77 m – 4.00 m

Height (turret roof)
2.64 m

MLC 80

Engine performance
1,500 HP / 1,100 kW

≤ 70 km/h

450 km


The Leopard 2A7+ boasts a potent armament, highlighted by its 120 mm smoothbore gun L55, a technological marvel crafted by Rheinmetall GmbH in Ratingen, Germany. This cutting-edge upgrade supplants the previous 120-millimeter L44 smoothbore tank gun on the Leopard 2. With a length of 530 cm, the L44 gun barrel weighs 1,190 kg, contributing to the total weight of the gun system at 3,780 kg. In contrast, the L55 gun barrel stretches to 660 cm, weighing 1,374 kg, with the complete L55 gun system tipping the scales at 4,160 kg. The extension of the barrel from caliber length 44 to caliber length 55 (130 cm) optimizes energy conversion, resulting in enhanced projectile velocity. The integration of the new programmable 120mm HE-round significantly bolsters the tank’s capacity to engage targets concealed behind cover or within structures. Further enhancing its combat readiness, the Leopard 2A7+ is outfitted with KMW’s remote-controlled weapon station FLW 200, operable even under protective cover. This feature ensures the tank’s effectiveness across varied terrains, whether in urban environments or open fields. Additionally, each side of the turret can accommodate a bank of six smoke grenade dischargers, providing added defensive capabilities.

For short: 120mm / L55 or 120mm / L44 or 120mm smooth-bore cannon / L55A1 / 7.62mm machine gun / FLW 200 with 40mm automatic grenade launcher or .50 MG

Everything is exactly the same as 2A7 in-game, the developers can just copy paste it.

Design and protection:

The Leopard 2A7 diverges from its predecessors in the Leopard 2 MBT lineage primarily in its armor configuration.
Manned by a crew of four, with the driver positioned at the front right side of the hull, and the commander, gunner, and loader situated within the turret.
Noteworthy is the Leopard 2A7+'s innovative IED and mine protection modular system.
This system allows seamless integration of an urban operations kit, enhancing protection with 360-degree coverage against RPG threats.
Additionally, a duel-kit mechanism fortifies defense against KE- and SC projectiles, particularly along the frontal arc in traditional combat scenarios.
Weighing approximately 67,500 kg, the Leopard 2A7+ spans a length of 10.97 m, with a width of up to 4 m, and presents a turret roof height of 2.64 m.


I would like this vehicle to come for Israel as a premium because many people (including me) think the Merkavas really struggle at top tier and the 9.7 Merk is not great either.

Would you like to see this in-game?
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What BR should this tank be at?
  • 11.7
  • 12.0 or +
  • I said no to the previous poll
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Which nation should it go to?
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It would be nice to see (at 12.0+ when some decompression has happened) but why should it go to Israel? Qatar and Israel have no diplomatic relations (and haven’t since 2009), let alone any military cooperation. It should go to Germany, or a future Arab League tree.

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I thought about Saudi Arabia’s Abrams and some Egypt stuff but I wasn’t satisfied enough with those in order to suggest them, Qatar is kinda in that region, they are certainly not enemies either. I want to grind Israel’s ground too so I can use my Aircraft, but I got no good options as of tanks. And future arab tree? doubt that’s gonna happen ever.

What does Qatar have to do with Israel? +1 for Germany accordingly


check what i said up^^

Israel doesn’t really have vehicles from outside, it’s kinda like France’s tree. I just didn’t see anything good enough so it could have a word in the proposed tech tree. I mean if you got a better vehicle that could be more appropriate I’m open to anything.

That’s not adequate justification for it to be added.

Israel has the options of Merkava V Barak and more accurately modelled Merkava IVs, as well as potential for a Chilean sub-tree (including an upgraded Leopard 2A4) or a Turkish sub-tree with the Altay’s which would be more than capable at 11.7+.

Maybe not, but that’s where Qatari vehicles should go if not in the tree of their respective designers (so Germany for the Leopard).

No Merkava has armor specifically against kinetic rounds, I researched the matter a bit, I was gonna suggest a newer Merkava but it would have been pointless.

They’re still not modelled entirely correctly. They could be buffed and made more competitive.

Here’s an expanded Israeli tree proposal: Israel ground forces full potential

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For example, people say that Hungary’s 2A7’s should go into the Italy tech tree when they have absolutely no relations between them. Same for Romania’s future Abrams (Abrams tanks have never seen Italy). Sometimes you got to fill some gaps here and there. Arietes are not great same for Merkavas that’s why these vehicles get proposed towards the less advanced trees.

Hungary has a sub-tree in Italy, primarily because they were connected by both being Axis powers during WW2. They also have significantly closer relations than Israel and Qatar.

Agreed, in terms of subtrees for Israel I’d say that Chile and/or Turkiye would be best

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The countries near Israel either have Russian tanks which would be extremely inappropriate to add and the rest have the NATO tanks.

Does Chile have anything great?

Not top tier ground, but everything else. Check this out.

Turkiye has the Altay and some super upgraded 2A4s.

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It’s literally a modified 2A4, we already got 10 versions of that in-game. I’m talking about top tier.

Yh looks interesting, but I still think Israel needs something more potent as I said Merkavas ain’t good and people been complaining about them since they were added as far as I’m concerned. They don’t intend to change them, but an alternative for people like me that would spend some bucks…its attractive for their pockets.

No. This vehicle predates the L/55A1 cannon, as such it would be limited to the current generation APFSDS (such as DM53), and locked out of any future ones, Rheinmetall themselves states you need the A1 version of the cannon to use anything beyond DM5/63.

I would like this vehicle to come for Israel as a premium

  1. Absolutely not.
  2. It cannot be a premium, it would be an end-of-the-line AFV.

+1 for Germany.

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+1 for germany, it makes no sense a german vehicle with german stuff given to a country with no diplomatic relations with israel goes to israel because it needs it

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if you want an mbt that could go to israel check the Merkava MK4 Barak