Python 4 still missing from Barak II

A) The plane did not flare and thus it did not go into IRCCM mode which would have overshot/potentially missed while the seeker was off.
B) Yes, while the missile can pull a 180 because it happens to have a wide gimble range, the better point was that the Python-4 for example can re-engage a target if it misses and they pull into it for example. It also didn’t miss the target to begin with, it merely tracked them in a large, sweeping loop instead which isn’t the same as missing and being able to turn all the way back 'round.
C) The INS system in the Python-4 would still likely outclass that of the 9M and AAM-3 in their current states if it wasn’t similarly nerfed.

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Thanks you spared me a long paragraph

İt’s literally the İRCCM of Ty-90, yet he says it’s bad. Lmao

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Can someone explain to me how AAMs utilize INS?

It’s the same as the 9M currently in game, though I believe that is inaccurate to it’s true nature IRL.

All it does is, upon seeing a flare, it remembers how it was moving, and how the target was moving at the instant it shuts off the seeker, flies for anywhere from 1 to 3 seconds with this predictive mode, then switched the seeker back on and checks where it expects the target to be and then prosecutes it if it’s there.



A big argument against the addition of the Python 4 was that it was a long range maneuverable IR missile that didn’t have to deal with multipath.

But now that there’s a significant reduction of multipath across the board, should there be a revisit to the addition of Python 4?


Didn’t a lot of people also say the Python 3 was a long range missile with BVR-like capabilities?
How wrong that turned out to be.


The difference is that they couldn’t test the Python 3. But we have the Python 4 in the files so we’re able to take it out for a spin in custom games.

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I agree. Thats it, I agree. I’m undeniably an Israel main, and I’ve been saying for months now that the Python 4 would most likely be added this December. I don’t see any reason for them to add it sooner, the Python 3 is still an exceptional missile, and carrying both Python 3s and Aim9Ms on the F15 Baz gives me probably the most versatile loadout at top tier. I really want them to add the P4, but I also want them to add it right. I don’t think it would be completely game breaking, (seeing as they’re adding the Derby, which was designed by the Israelis to be a long range, radar guided Python 4), but it would easily be one of, if not the very best IR missile in game. It just combines every good characteristic of IR missiles, but at the same time, they have to add it eventually. Think back to last year, they added the Python 3. It was by far the best IR missile, and they added it. Now I understand that the P4 would make a much bigger differance, with the Stinger IRCCM, but the performance is basically the same gap that it was between the Python 3 and Aim9L. I think late this year, October at the very earliest, December or March being the best major patches for it. the R73 would hold its own, they could buff the AAM3 to be more historically accurate, the Magic 2 would be fine, and they could add a later version of the Aim9M, most likely the Aim9M-8. Overall, I think the December would be a good time to add/change the listed missiles, but I do agree that now is far too soon for the Python 4.

do you have a source that the Magic 2 had Stinger IRCCM irl?

Are you referring to Stinger irccm in-game or in real life? Afaik, Stinger isn’t modeled correctly.

But yes, there are sources showing Magic 2 should have its seeker on the level of Stinger’s IRCCM displayed in-game. Two acknowledged reports were made.

To my understanding, Stinger IRCCM is the IRCCM you get when you combine gate width and suspended animation, which is what the Python 4 utilizes. But yeah, if you could slide me a link (as long as it’s not classified documents lol) cuz I can’t find shit on the Magic 2

funny thing is that its not realistic and its less powerful than it should be

Hey I’ve managed an 8 km kill with one before at high speed and high altitude.

Let me guess - you had an 8+ km altitude advantage over him?

ha it is much better

As long as the usa gets the aim9x or the aim132.

And the AAM-3 were to get it’s full Bank to Turn capacity, proper IRCM- the Magic 2 gets similar upgrades-

US won’t get AIM-132 they never used it