Puma (Type 6634 AVL)

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The story of the AVL 6634 would begin during the late stages of the cold war, many countries at the time would be experimenting on light multi role vehicles can were able to perform a variety of roles, such as reconnaissance, tank destroyer and armored personale carrier. Italy would be no stranger to that, in fact they’d be developing many light armored fighting vehicles, some of which saw wide success in the export market.

During the early 1980’s Fiat and IVECO would begin to develop as a sole private venture a new family of wheeled armored vehicles, these would be the FIAT 6634 (4x4) the FIAT 6633 (4x4) and lastly the FIAT 6636 (6x6). The FIAT 6634 was one of the first to be worked on, it was designed as an armored assault vehicle, which would be able to be modified with a wide array of armaments to fit its operational needs.

Technical Data:

Crew: Three driver, gunner, and commander. The vehicle can also carry five infantrymen.

Configuration: 4x4 and 6x6.

Armor: Monocoque-construction hull of steel alloy, providing protection against 7.62mm armor-piercing projectiles and ballistic fragments. Appliqué armor kits are also available.

Engine: Fiat 8140 TCA four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, supercharged diesel engine. This powerplant generates 134.28 kilowatts (180 hp), with a power-to-weight ratio of 24.40 kilowatts/tonne (29.70 hp/ton) in the 4x4 configuration and 17.90 kilowatts/tonne (21.77 hp/ton) in the 6x6 configuration. The 24-volt electrical system features two 12-volt/100-ampere-hour batteries.


Gearbox: Reco automatic gearbox, with one reverse and five forward gear ratios. Preproduction vehicles featured a Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen 4 HP 22 automatic gearbox, with one reverse and four forward gear ratios. The drivetrain features a two-speed transfer case.

Suspension and Running Gear: Independently sprung suspension system, featuring a Messiercombined telescopic strut on top and transverse links/torsion bars on the bottom. The vehicle mounts Michelin 11.00x16 run-flat tires.

Armament: The basic vehicle design can accommodate a variety of armament options, including:

  • 7.62mm machine guns.
  • an 81mm mortar.
  • the MILAN anti-tank guided missile system. (With more than 350000 units (of at least three different versions) produced as of 2006, and the large number of user countries, the MILAN anti-tank missile has become the most commercially successful weapon system in its category.
    It is a surface-to-surface missile travelling at subsonic speed with a typical range of 2 km (covered in 12.5 seconds) and a penetration capability on steel armour of between 350 (95 per cent probability of success) and 900 mm, and 2.5 metres on a concrete wall.)
  • Three electrically operated smoke grenade launchers mount on each side of the hull, to the rear.

The initial Italian Army configuration mounts a 12.7x99mm (.50 cal) M2HB machine gun in an Otobreda turret.

Variants and Upgrades:
Variants: Iveco is developing the following variants from the basic Type 6634 AVL Puma 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles:

  • Anti-Tank: MBDA (Euromissile) MILAN anti-tank guided missile system or BGM-71 TOW system.
  • Anti-Aircraft: Mistral anti-aircraft missile system.
  • Mortar Carrier: Turntable-mounted 81mm mortar and a crew of four.
  • Command Post: Communications equipment and a crew of five.
  • Ambulance Unarmed: Crew of two, plus two stretchers.
  • Other Variants: Additional designs could mount RBS70 and Blowpipe/Javelin anti-aircraft missiles, the 106mm M40 recoilless rifle, and several types of turrets with up to a 20mm cannon.


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