Premium Harrier GR 1

Lower Harrier´s BR to 8.7 or add flares to it… its unplayabble without flares at 9.7 BR.


Harrier to 8.7? Yes great idea, more compression wooooh. You realize it has 4x SRAAMs right? They cause chaos in full downtiers, and it can get a full base WHILE being faster than everyone.

this harrier has caused so many problems putting it at 8.7 would just kill air realistic at that br

SRAAMs are currently slowly being overhauled. In addition to major guidance issues they should have all aspect and 2km range. Currently they are barely functional in rear aspect at 0.8km.

When finished, both Hunter F6s and Harrier Gr1 are going to be highly potent weapon systems. But they are a low priority at the moment it seems for the Devs, as is the entirety of the British TT.

But Gr1 never had flares and even in their Broken state, SRAAMs would be extremely powerful below 9.3.

I’ve never used the trick, but apprently rocket pods can be used a weak flare. You should also be able to angle your thrust when you attempt to evade an IR missile. Partially turns a rear aspect shot into side aspect. In a turn, you can also angle your thrust to 30-60% to help with a turn. Its called VIFFing (Vector in forward flight) Was in SB, but even slapped a few Viggens in my day. Its the trick that keeps aircraft like the Sea Harrier and Gr7 effective at much higher BRs

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Gr. 1 is an absolute beast. Don’t fly low, fly high and to the side fast to about 4km alt and then level out. Fly back over the combat zone diving over people distracted or separated from the battle. Pop a missile and climb away. Rinse and repeat. It’s stupid easy and makes insane rp and sl. Just be disciplined and you can carry a battle

They can frontal lock afterburning jets at about 2km. Got many kills doing it. Rear aspect as long as its not super sonic I ha e a basic rule of 1.7 om for a successful launch/kill and it’s always been reliable

There are 9.3br strike aircraft that have flares, there are other harriers at 9.7br that have flares. the a10 and the su25 have flares.
Everyone can flare your stupidly short ranged SRAAMs while you cant defend yourself at all from any other plane. And dont come to me with bringing rockets as flares, it makes you unable to clear a base so its not ideal at all.
The cockpit has an RWR volume knob and flare and chaff counters how is this plane not getting any countermeasures at all is beyond me…
I’d much rather lose the SRAAMs forever and have flares instead…