Preliminary changelog for the “Air Superiority” Major Update. 07.12.2023 [server is now closed]

Yeah, it’s like they’re trying to stretch out in game content by releasing vehicles already in game over a long period of time.

So they’ll get the same aircraft several times with basically nothing new ingame wise but other missiles/radar/ground ordinance while the US can get better F-15s and also several other unique aircraft. Because the only other one Japan can look forward to is the F-2.

Basically yeah
I mean there’s the F-35A/B as well but that’s not coming any time soon

Yeah then no. Let Japan and Britain have their fun for an update. it’s not going to make US or Sweden unplayable.

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I must say I am becoming amazed by the contents of this update.

Who would have told me a few years ago… that we would be getting stuff like F-15s, SU-27s, T-90M, Challenger 3 and Leopard 2A7V?

Not just modern day vehicles, or present day ones; but even vehicles that are just now starting production and on their final design phases.

It’s honestly amazing that we’ve come to this point, leaving aside any issues there may be with the current iterations or implementations.

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Personally I wouldn’t have believed it… checks watch two days ago

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Hahahahah, same.

I remember when we were talking about the potentially leaked “Challenger 2 XXX”, we were like…

“Which Challenger 2 may it be? Since it can’t possibly be Challenger 3!”

Only for it to turn out to be a Challenger 3… and I say “a”, since the fact that they labelled it as (P) (for pre-production model) implies that they DO plan to implement another Challenger 3 sometime in the future; one on its production iteration, in a couple of years or, basically, whenever the final iteration of the tank is unveiled for Gaijin to work on its model.

I mean, I could have guessed this day would have eventually come, but… that day being today, already? No way, it’s incredible!

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I am aware that you individually do not have a say. But the point remains that staff who interact with Devs as a whole seem oblivious to the simple fact that people clearly aren’t happy with this answer.

And from experience, this statement could not be more false. As we see above. “We see players are unhappy. And we intend to do nothing about it. See you in three to four months”.


I think it’s extremely important to note that by “Next major update” Is the absolute latest / worst case scenario us Swedish mains would expect Sweden to receive the JAS39C.

It’s not good news, they are confirming our worst fear.

I don’t know if you guys have any power with the devs but I sincerely hope you’re bringing this to their attention and maybe even push for Swede’s to get the JAS39C this update, or next patch at the latest

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I mean… yeah? Not to put words in anyone’s mouth but that seems like the answer smin came back with. The community team collects feedback and pays attention, and gives it to the developers. What the developers do with that is up to them, and in this case they seem to have chosen an answer that you and others don’t like.

I’m not 100% familiar with the nomenclature, I thought a major update was any named patch. Like Kings of Battle was a “filler” update but it was still a major update, no? Either way the community team knows how you feel about this, but I’ll let them know anyway

“We have heard your feedback over the implementation of the KF41 to Italy and not Germany. And we intend to do nothing about it.”

“We have heard your feedback about this year’s anniversary sales. And we intend to do nothing about it.”

“We have heard your feedback regarding the wrong Abrams model being used in the KVT. And we intend to do nothing about it.”

I feel like there is a misunderstanding in what feedback is and if you don’t actually address it, then what is the point of asking for it? If there is clearly a point of contention with players, asking for feedback and then not providing a genuine response seems…pointless. The only time this interaction seemed to actually go full circle was after the review bombing.

Imagine designing a car for a group of people. You unveil your product to them and create channels for feedback to the engineering and design team. The QA guys are there to facilitate it.

The intended userbase mentions the air conditioning is spot on and the color choices are great. But they don’t like the engine for X and Y reasons. And the suspension is too stiff. Now, what do you think their reaction would be if, after taking the time to use the provided channels to explain the likes and dislikes if your product; they came back and said “Hey, we heard you but we have zero plans to fix or address your points”.

What is the point of feedback then? Why have a community manager or QA team?


F-4F Early does not have CCRP


I have already reported this weeks ago but it has been ignored

anyhow - the time between apex predators last year and the next update was nearly 3 months, and the update after that was a bit over 3 months. It’s still a significant time to be waiting nomenclature or not

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Let me introduce you to the mig 29 and mig29g


Reminds me of all the simulator threads, tons of effort put in for bringing feedback to the devs on these forums across the entire year, and all we get is an occasional comment from some “Game Master” who himself claims he has no contact with the devs and there’s not much he can do.
@Headnaught I’d love for that feedback to be put forward as well, I’ll happily show you all the threads


Well I can give (and have given) your guys’ feedback to the community team but please understand most of it is out of our hands.


Yeah I bet it’s not your fault, appreciate it. Just a bit disheartening seeing the droves of sim players come and go through the forums/game throughout the year with no sign of acknowledgment.

Any plans for the Yak-141 to recieve R-73s?


As another brazillian i feel obligated to tell you that while we have different ways of saying things, we are bound by a unification of the language that started being enforced around 2001. Formally, we now write, read and speak the same things as the Portuguese.

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