Preliminary changelog for the “Air Superiority” Major Update. 07.12.2023 [server is now closed]

yeah italy got a lot of entitled additions this year

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Yep. Frankly, its just a bad implementation policy. One they need to just own up to and fix.


Entitled what?
Ariete AMV still has undesirable transmission and the whole class is outrageously overtiered.
The freccia is extremely map dependent.
The AV-8B PLUS is the only workable one
The AH-129D is quite inconsistent with the worse zoom out of the three FnF helicopters with only an slight edge of mobility.
Italy is barely catching up to the average top tier.

KF41 what? Give it to the Germans, I donot want it.


still entitled addition
Besides that you guys got f16 and tornado in the same upfate as well

The Italy mains forced Gaijin to take the decision.
Italy was three steps back and it has took two step forward, while everyone also took one step forward: it is still two steps behind.

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ah yeah forgot to name the KF41 as well. But still doesnt change that italy was treated very well this year

No, i read it. And test drove the 52 to see what it was like, and i would still say that the zoom allows you to still engage effectively despite the thermal res getting lowered

Because there is no point in adding a Gripen A to Sweden if they introduce the C first. People would be mad that the jet for their update is just a little worse version of the one they already spaded, and skip it. Now people going down the Sweden tree will grind that Gripen, have their fun with it, then get a little improvement next update. it will feed much better into habits, as it keeps content flowing. otherwise, people might be like “no point in playing until next update, didnt get any new shiny toys”, take a break, and spend less.

Plus, it lets minor nations be flavour of the update for once. Britain will not get anything competitive until the Eurofighter, and even then it will be one of several countries that gets it. Sweden still has the Gripen E to look forward to that’ll be their exclusive shiny new toy. Japan only has the F-2 for anything special in the future, the US still has plenty of aircraft to come.

Also acting like a nation is entitled to the best version of a vehicle in a game because they’re the origin country like some nationalist fanboy is cringe.

Lastly, we’re talking about ONE SINGLE UPDATE. Get a grip. You’ll survive it.

A treatment still not enough for it to be at least unique, the Italy mains are not even asking for competence but the uniqueness is enough.
Have the KF41, we do not want this.


would gladly take it, sadly germany gotta wait, god knows how long

Imagine an F-4F with only four 9Js fighting an F-15A with four 9Ms and four 7F/Ms. It’s obvious how wrong you are thinking.


When German players would respect the desire to catch up of minor nation players.
After i learnt enough skills i almost exclusively play non big-3 trees.

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nice for you to say, but i actualy want to finish a tree before i start switching to my next one (current plan china, wanna try out redfor side of the game without actualy playing USSR , because reasons…)

Japan has actually a number of variants. There’s the J MSIP which is basically identical to the C MSIP II that I’d expect late next year. There’s also a second batch of MSIP with even better weapons as well as the Japanese Super Interceptor programme in development. Plus twin seat DJs that can be used as premiums or given… unusual weapons options to fill BR gaps. Of course, Japan doesn’t have anything like the F-15E.

So the US has a lot of really good F-15s to look forward to but fortunately so does Japan 👍


Unfortunatly I could not find a China medal from the profile, perhaps looking through a 4-12x optic is also too much to find.

And i do, but it shouldnt be on the cost of the other nations, specialy that italy got acces to spikes before israel and that they got 2 IFV back to back specialy when so many nations lack top tier light was just disgusting to me

I said china is supposed to be my next tree after i finish germany…

Have fun then.
China is pretty good.

So you’re saying remove anything that isn’t US/USSR from the game because they are never allowed to have their own unique fun toys if their indigenous vehicles can’t keep up with spending way too much money on military budget. got it.

There is no point in minor nations if most of what they can look forward to is getting copy-pastes of the major three that are never allowed to be better in any way. Make that major two for air, since at the current state of top tier air, Germany also only has variants of US/USSR aircraft. Why ever touch Israel/Japan/Italy/Britain if others will always have an equal or better version of their aircraft at any given moment? Plus other unique aircraft on top?

I think you are grossly overestimating my involvement with Gaijin as a whole. I was simply responding to what MLGrocket said, as it seemed as if they doubted what smin said about the Gripen. Concerning what smin said about the Gripen, I have no comment. The community team pays attention to feedback so feel free to talk about how you feel, but directing it towards me isn’t going to be super productive.