Preliminary changelog for the “Air Superiority” Major Update. 07.12.2023 [server is now closed]

Hunter F6 should be changed to the Hunter F6A and also get drag chute (its basically the only difference between the aircraft, that and different external fuel tanks iirc)


Sadly no, even ignoring Kings of Battle only giving 3 nations an aircraft, Japan hasn’t had an aircraft for 3 patches in a row :( I was a big defender of “everyone always gets at least a tank and an aircraft”, but this hasn’t been the case for a while now, so my trust in that is shattered. I wouldn’t be suprised if a minor nation got literally nothing in the near future, or even Italy in the upcoming update.

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The requirement for every rank has always been (roughly) “all vehicles in the previous rank, but only up to 5 (6?)”, it’s not anything new. And getting an existing unlocked vehicle pushed into a higher rank has never unlocked the whole rank, either.
It’s always been Gaijins policy to make people go through the ranks mostly evenly, and not let them rush to the shiny new toy through a singular branch, even if you only want to play one vehicle at the very end.

Why not just give those vehicles you don’t really want a try? you might find a new favourite toy of the month.

Have adding BOL pods to the AJS37 been evaluated? It would really benefit from it

They literally are getting the JAS39C in the major update after this one. Smin confirmed that


Spall liner for the T-90M, the clowns, the parade and the whole circus, what a joke.


Can mods tell about type93 stealth nerf for thermals?


If only i were naive enough to think they were going to retroactively give it to all the nato tanks that have it too…


The F-15J won’t fall off. It’ll stay competitive, the Post-MSIP (We’re getting the Pre-MSIP F-15J) variant has the AN/APG-63 V1 radar, helmet mounted display, AAM-4/4A missiles, AAM-5/5B missiles, Link 16 datalink and new engines. There’s even a variant with IRST on the nose. And then beyond that, they’re modifying more F-15’s to carry the new radar the F-15EX has AND they’re integrating the AGM-158 JASSM-ER. They can get better variants, they will get better variants, this is just the beginning of their F-15 journey.

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Pretty sure NATO tanks have spall amplifiers as they somehow increase the spalling compared to USSR vehicles.


Since most of the NATO helicopters have had a recent nerf by making their optics less powerful and more realistic. Is there the possibility of other helicopters with fairly unrealistic camera properties (like the Ka-52) being toned down a bit to match.

I felt that it used to be somewhat balanced that the AH-64 got the best zoom, EC-665 had a bit worse but made up for it in other ways, and Ka52 and Mi-28NM had the best missile set with the least powerful zoom.

Also while on the topic of zoom, please fix the linear zooming in heli ATGM camera.

i take it u didnt read the patch notes lol

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They’ll still be F-15s, and they’ll fall off against better plattforms.

And I don’t understand how you moderators, technical advisors, and community managers can’t see that this is clearly an unacceptable answer. Clearly.

Stating that “Hey, it’ll come later” is no longer viable answer. It seems exceptionally clear that many of us are frankly tired and frustrated with seeing Gaijin give the nation that literally made the vehicle get the weakest version will export countries get a better model. We aren’t okay with this anymore.

And when your community manager comes out and say “these aircraft are really quite similar in many regards” what that actually says to us as players is that there would be zero difficulty giving both nations the same plane. Copy and paste. Absolutely no issue at all. They’re the same plane really.

Nobody is saying Japan shouldn’t get an F-15C and the British the C model. But that the US and Sweden, who are the countries who built these airframes, should absolutely get them as well at the same time and expect you as a studio to do the right thing. When this update drops, both should be included and not 3-4 months later. Because again, that is clearly not an acceptable answer.


I’m eating popcorn here bc its so entertaining to see people malding over another nation having a slightly better version of an aircraft for literally just one update. why are so many people making such a huge deal out of a non-issue lmao

If they’re so similar in your eyes, can you explain why they shouldn’t just be the same?

It’s not difficult to reskin the aircraft and give the C model to both Sweden and Britain, it’s actually easier than creating two unique versions.

I suggest F15A need to change their BR to become 11.7, to be honest it only slightly better than F-4S.
At least F-4S will not rip off the wing at 11G.

I am very disappointing to this update again, they ruined the eagle’s name, by release them into a wrong timeframe.

F15 airframe is really strong, it have a world record of pulling 15-20G

F15A didn’t have built in countermeasures, why will the game have it, hm…
In history, I remember F15A loadout is with 9Js, 7E-2s, and no flares, but we need to check the cockpit to know if it is a MSIP, if it is not MSIP cockpit, that mean the whole plane is doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for saving my money in this Christmas.

And before some Gaijin-Stan @‘s me in a reply to a tune of “typical American main; crying that they aren’t the best this patch or every patch”, don’t even bother.

Sweden getting better Leopards while not giving them to Germany? Didn’t support it.

A sub-tree in Italy getting the KF41, a German design and built IFV while they themselves aren’t getting it? Didn’t support it.

Other nations getting a better F-16 variant at launch, while giving the US the weakest variant? Didn’t support it.

If Gaijin had decided that only China was going to get the Su-27 and not Russia, the country who made it this patch, I’d still be pissed.

It’s principle. No one, literally no one is saying the non-big three nations shouldn’t get a variant, but it is beyond old that the country of origin gets the weaker variant.


i am just laughing in leopard payback

Exactly! Just to add to this, the AV8B+ is in the Italian TT, but it for some reason hasn’t been copy pasted in the US TT.