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Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is the Pr.183R


In the 1940s, the Soviet Union developed the Pr.183 torpedo boat. The speedboat has good power, excellent maneuverability, and carries powerful torpedoes. Due to its excellent platform and potential for transformation, the Soviet Union dismantled its torpedo launch tubes in 1956 and replaced them with two P-15 Styx anti-ship missile launchers. As a result, the world’s first anti-ship missile boat was born, marking a new era of missiles in naval warfare.
The power system of the ship remains unchanged, and surface search radar and control equipment are installed to control the missile. The missile launcher maintains a constant upward movement of 11.5 degrees and can be launched up to a maximum speed of 30 knots on the ship. This type of missile is a cruise missile with a very long range, up to a maximum of 40km.This missile is equipped with an autopilot and an active radar seeker, which can autonomously start searching and hit targets at the end, and can attack at subsonic speeds of 320 meters per second.

The warhead of the missile is a high explosive warhead weighing 454 kg, which can cause significant damage to enemy ships. After the torpedo boat was standardized and manufactured, it was immediately sold to some allies of the Soviet Union at that time. Not long after, in 1967, Egypt successfully destroyed Israeli destroyers using missiles from the boat. This incident caused a sensation around the world, and at this time, the sales of the Pr.183R surged. Western media also noticed this small boat and began to gradually develop its own anti-ship missile system. The world’s navy entered a new era of missile development.


In game

Pr.183R is a highly maneuverable attack fast boat, with its torpedo launch tube replaced by an SS-N-2 launcher, capable of launching the Styx anti-ship missile to cause devastating damage to enemy ships. It is a very good ship. Due to its powerful missile power, it is recommended to place it at the top of the 7.7 nearshore navy and add it to the game when promoting anti-ship missiles in the future.


  • Main weapon:2 × P-15 “Styx” anti-ship missile
  • Secondary weapon:2 × 25 mm 2M-3M guns(1000 rounds)
  • Crew: 17
  • Propulsion: 4x M-50F-4 Diesels (Each 1200 hp)
  • Max Speed: 38 kts
  • Displacement Full: 81 t
  • Electronics:Rangout surface radar, Nikhrom IFF
  • Length:25.4 m
  • Beam:6.24 m
  • Draught:1.24 m
P-15 missile

The P-15 anti-ship missile is a low-cost anti-ship missile designed by the Soviet Union in 1950. It is fast, powerful, and has good ability to autonomously search for enemies, making it an excellent anti-ship missile. The missile is launched by shipborne radar to search for targets. At a distance of approximately 10 kilometers from the enemy ship, the active radar guidance head is activated and relies on an autopilot to hit the target. The minimum range is 5 kilometers, and when launching a missile below this distance, its guidance head will not be activated.

  • Length:5.8 m
  • Diameter:0.76 m
  • Mass:2300 kg
  • Warhead:454 kg HE
  • Engine:Liquid fuel rocket, solid rocket booster
  • Maximum speed:Mach 0.9
  • Flight altitude:100-300 meters above sea level
  • Range: 40km
  • Guidance system: autopilot, active radar
  • Working temperature: -15/+38 ° C



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+1, one of the first anti ship boats I’d like to see.

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The coastal ships really needs heavy anti-ship missiles to against bluewater ships.


We need better naval high tier

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