Pov: No politics allowed in war thunder

Then theres absolutely no reason to block chat alltogether as it was suggested above because some people find it offensive.

So you’re chatbanning people that start and continue the N-word row in chat?
Do I report just the one who started it or all of them?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you guys looking into the cases, but your system is far from user friendly.
Reporting people from Playstation is a pain in the rear.
Having to wait until a match has ended, then going to the server replay window and then picking the person who I want to report and then adding the right time slot is…discouraging.

I’ll still go through that effort, but the question with the N-word chain remains.

Where is he doing that?

Yes, and yes please report all of them. This allows us to track/proof the offense.

Wait: For chat related offenses you don’t need the Server replay, only for suspected cheats and other gameplay-related things.
For chat reports, simply right click the player name in the chat window where the offense was sent, and chose “Report”, then add a very short description of the reason. For chat reports, there is no need for a timestamp.

Note: When you report a chat offense using that in-game method, we automatically get the whole chat log delivered with it, which tells us exactly who said what when. (That’s also why it’s important to report directly from the chat window, as only then we get the correct chat log with the report.)


Thank you!

I’ll have to check how to do that on PS5.

Same, I guess, but more of a hassle if you don’t have a keyboard connected…

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I dunno, WT Live // Camouflage by SatsuJ_

I posted my super quality BI decal ‘skin’ and it’s still up, so maybe the guy got unlucky with tags like reddit user mentioned.

Or maybe mine was too low of a quality to bother LOL

I reported them both, will anything happen to them? %99 NO

based squadron

@Khurt @SatsuJ @Beeschurger @Godvana I have a bright idea for y’all. How about y’all stop this argument entirely because it accomplishes nothing beyond making everyone more mad. Plus, you’re getting getting real close to making an actual moderator mad instead of just me.

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thanks for proving my point.

No. I am not at all proving your point. In fact, I am making no statement in any direction related to your statement. I am merely telling you to stop.

the discussion was over since 2 days, no one was even replaying anymore, and arguably it remained quite civil.
You could just close the post and go on with your life and nothing would have happened. But you absolutely had to come here threatening people with ban. lol
You’re exactly the kind of people I was talking about, with exactly behaviour I described.

You keep talking he gonna di it

Thanks, but I can cope with people that need to rely on power abuse to support their opinions.

How are people like this allowed?

I am proud to say i touched him gently and he crashed, he is a clueless F-4S player that only knows how to bomb, negative KD in every plane, surprised pikachu face

i reported everyone who was calling others “subhuman” but i doubt gaijin cares.

We really need that report approved notification from the road map ASAP

Sverre trash 1

They are not allowed, of course, and such messages are punished.

Yes, thank you for reporting.

I think that is only for game bans, not chat bans.

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