Pov: No politics allowed in war thunder

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lol, lots of cope and projection in that description

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What a lovely person.

He has decided to warn me about future, so I’m going to go buy some toilet paper and use that as currency.


Oh no… not this again. ugh store opens up in 9 hours i guess i should head there too.

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I still have stocks from last time. Want to trade for flour?

well i do have some excess flour. I can do 5 bags of flour and 2 bags of beans for three 32 packs, but has to be two ply

you couldn’t just close the tab and start another match, could you.

You had to contact them, annoy them and open a new thread about that on the forum.

They write and say tons of bullshit, don’t get me wrong, but people like you are WAY more annoying.

Stop looking for them and you won’t even notice their presence.

But he’s the one who wrote to me after game O_O

Also, if you think that I’m more annoying than the person holding such views, says everything about you. If “I don’t hate gays, but”

Z boys spewing Ruzzian propaganda

Gaijin: I sleep

Something gay or trans


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Yes, you’re. You are the one pretending to have the only correct existing belief and to teach others what to think.
They just want to have a group where to talk about their fairytales and pretend they are true. Which, to be honest, is the best thing ever since you can just stay away from that group and avoid them all at once.

Again, you’re the one promoting a toxic environment, not them.

I don’t hate gays AND I do not care if someone does. I live in a democracy and I can accept people thinking in a different way, even without accepting their beliefs. I also do not care about you opinion about me.


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Both are equally annoying political statements and have no place in warthunder.

Being gay or trans is not political lol


Just existing? You are correct nothing wrong about that.

Demanding representation in media and political action? It absolutely is political.

This is not the case.


Official notice:

For detailled information on how and when to report a player in-game for observed or suspected forbidden behaviour, please refer to this Guideline .

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It’s not about demanding representation, Gaijin doesn’t even allow gay or trans skins and decals on the WT.live website. Skins that literally nobody else but the user can see.


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Good. Id much rather have same rules apply to everybody than to start making exceptions.

At this point it would be best to just deactivate the in game chat and the PM system for good.

I’d say that 9 out of 10 rounds in ARB some random person starts to type a N and then it continues.
You have in GRB in 7 out of 10 matches people who either use racist or sexual slurs.

The playerbase of WT is, for reasons I don’t know, among the most toxic I’ve seen.

Chat is important tool for communication and passing important info.

Its your fight to deal with the occasional toxicity appearing there.

Also isnt there an option to disable chat for player?

One can disable chat, and block individual players.

And - of course - report offensive chat messages and we’ll deal with them.