Please stop blockading the 3 German Tanks and Fake Vehicles

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People love T-72.


isnt this the second post of this today?

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First one had issues.

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i would like to get the fake panther 2


The issue is that there isn’t any for the Tiger II 105 and Panther II as they are presented in game, these are completely made up by Gaijin.
By your own logic only the Coelian would be a fair addition of the listed vehicles.


This is partially correct, the Panther II we have is a combination of multiple historical Projects. But historical ones nonetheless.

And the 105 too is based on historical inspiration.

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Hey it’s the crazy German nationalist guy again.

Still on about the removed German tanks I see.


Just because it it is a conglomeration of multiple historical projects doesn’t make the Panther II in game historical… No German in WW2 made this nor did anyone else until Gaijin did. This is not history.
Besides, the 88mm was never meant to be housed in a Panther turret as far as I am aware nor is it physically possible.

The Tiger II did have a proposition to install a 105mm cannon, but this one was different to the one found in game as well as there were some differences in the vehicle’s design when it came to this proposed modification. This, again, makes the Tiger II 105 in game physically impossible.

Historical inspiration is not the same as historical background that you mentioned earlier, hence this doesn’t add up.


As I wrote in the beginning, the “harm” was already done by Gaijin. Regarding these three there is no way back. They could bring them back alongside more historical Designs, or have the historic Design as an optional modification like the GWP for the TOG II.

There very much is a way back and Gaijin already took it: they removed the vehicles.

Sure, a bunch of veteran players now own these fake vehicles, but the ‘harm’ as you refer to it has been capped and can no longer spread.

Not sure how this is a response to me saying that you’re using the term history in a wrong sense, but I guess it barely matters.


Not really. Just unfairly for some Players, all three are still a common sight in Game. And such unfairness cannot be allowed, why should some players get better and more diverse lineup options than Others?

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Explain to me how this is any different from events, battle passes and removed premiums?

This is common practice by Gaijin, it just seems that German mains are particularly pissed at having fake vehicles removed from a BR bracket where they already have incredibly powerful lineups.


It isn’t, because all of that is shite. As I elaborated for something around 33 Pages on the old Forums.

Exactly, it is no different yet the utter vast majority of players is unconcerned by it.

Germany at 6.3 and 6.7 easily has one of the most powerful lineups, what’s the removal of some fake vehicles?
So much for the complaint of “one player unfairly having a better and more diverse lineup” when Sweden and Italy has jack at these BRs.

This is the equivalent of a spoiled child complaining that they don’t have enough toys while their neighbour works with what they have.

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Or maybe, there is a Conspiracy where Gaijin suppresses that part of the Community.

When one has to resort to conspiracies they have already lost.


There is a huge jump from the Panthers to the Leopards which was patched nicely by the Panther II before. SPAA are meh, Ostwind II is a boring Copy Paste and more fake than the Vehicle it replaced, Kugelblitz is difficult to move in the TT and then there is a Wiesel.
Finally there is another big leap from Tiger II’s to a mediocre at best M48. The 105 offered some fun extra firepower.

Sweden can get Tiger 2P as a decent heavy

The way they are ingame is not how they are IRl. It makes sense for gaijin to remove stuff that is mostly fake.

Plus them not being attainable anymore isn’t any different than old event/BP vehicles that you can no longer get.

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