Please part out the TUSK KIT from the M1A2 SEPv2

M1A2 _SEP_V2_Abrams_main_battle_tank_US_United_States_American_army_military_equipment_640_001

Just as the M1A2 SEP can be outfitted with a TUSK KIT, the M1A2 SEPv2 can be outfitted with a TUSK KIT, giving you the option to choose whether you want to save weight for increased mobility or increased protection.


I agree, they should add the option to remove the TUSK kit and i honestly think it look way better without it.

Same case too the ARAT 2 tiles should be individually modeled just like the standard ARAT tiles below, having them set up as groups of 4 degrades the entire array’s performance by a lot.

removes TUSK II


They wont because itd literally show they havent updating any of the abrams since the A1. They magically think US nomenclature is like russian where russia just uses “Obj xxxx” for a minor mod. Theres literally no reason to get the Same Exact Prot V2 though if you dont want the TUSK II/ARAT II

Because looks are more important than survivability?

I like that Mine Protection can be removed because its absolute useless in this Game and looks ugly. But I like to keep the TUSK II because it looks awesome

Me and another long time player are starting up a discord to try to address issues like this.

Here’s the link: WT-USA Research Group

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The purpose of not allowing you to remove the TUSK kit is to obfuscate the fact that as implemented the SEPv2 cannot be justifiably called a rank 8 tank. It is at best a sidegrade to the current SEP and if they allowed you to remove the TUSK then, just like with the current SEP, most players would do so and a SEP and SEPv2 without their respective kits are literally identical (or like 99% so). But the decision was made to have rank 7 ground premiums and so they must have a rank 8 to let them get around their no top tier premiums rule. Ultimately unless they give the TUSK kit some actually useful kinetic protection it’s only real purpose is to lose mobility so you can bully stock players even harder.