Please make tank ID instant instead of ~5 seconds so new players actually bother to use it

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Uh, cuz, that’s kind of the whole point of it, you don’t know who your team mates are, because they aren’t marked, cuz they aren’t marked in real life, if your tired of getting TK’d in sim, dont, remember, they pay the repair, not you. Also, isn’t your fault, unless you move in front of their bullets ; )

0_0 You know cussing and demanding something in the “Discussions” tag is not going to be a reason for them to add it.

Ya and the penetration cam in sim is fine? But we can’t have instant ID of friendlies.

Well… They may have an IR strobe or something to ID them. They could add a non-marker form of IFF.

Though if nothing else, They really need to make sure the same tanks arent on both teams. had a match 2 days ago with a T-72 on both sides. How no one TKed is beyond me

Nah, because God gave you a pair a eyes, use em’

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They could just add a crew voice line like a frantic “FREINDLY” when you rangefind someone, would keep it realistic.

Like the US’s HUD system for “soldiers of the future” that outlines your battle buddies.

Someone had this same argument, it was shut down with the simple response of something down the lines of "The USSR shouldn’t have sold their tanks to everyone who would want it not realizing said nations would use them against them.
If its Modern day I can under stand an IFF however for WW2 it was nothing more than looking for an insignia or looking at the camouflage.

I have no idea what tanks have IRL, but that is basically what aircraft have and have had for like 30 years.

Yeah that is true.

Oh, aircraft, yeah, should get, because they are constantly connected, and can speak to each other, metaphorically and physically.

Yeah, I do wonder if tanks have any form of IFF IRL or what they actually use and whether its time to consider that mechanic in WT. Even if that is just a single point strobe light or something that is only visible to your team. Its hard to see, but can be seen.

It’s called the IVAS btw, it’s pretty much just a militarized Apple Vision Pro :P

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Well, we now know what Apple copied :P

Tbh, idek when the project started, I feel like it was 18 or 19. It’s an . . . Interesting idea. If it keeps from blue on blue incidents and fratricide, it’s good enough.

Yeah, and if nothing else, information/intel is the number 1 weapon these days.

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Yea, a crew voice would be my ideal method. Tanks do have crews after all and the other crew members (IRL) do take an active role in managing the tank. There are even crew skills which are relevant here; the higher the ‘vision’ skill, the sooner the crew should point out, ‘Hey, maybe that’s a friendly,’ when you’re pointing the cross-hairs at some friendly vehicle, although I don’t think it should ever be an instant ID.

Maybe an alternative, which still leaves ultimate responsibility with the player when there’s a friendly in the line of fire, would be for the crew to confirm the target is an enemy after a few seconds?

Biggest problem with the current system is the requirement to keep the sight on the target even after the initial request for info on friendlies at the location. That doesn’t simulate anything, it’s just a dumb feature to add artificial difficulty. Perhaps the best fix is simply to fix the current system. Last time I played SGB it wouldn’t even start the process most times; actually quite rare that anything happened at all; at one point I thought it must have been removed.

Yeah, a not-insignificant percentage of the time my rangefinder bugs out and won’t display the IFF bar. so I can just either sit there like an idiot rangefinding over and over again hoping it works again (it wont), or fire an mg burst and reveal my position and maybe kill some of their crew in the process. it’s not great