Please ban Chinese from EU servers!

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How about no?. 90% of Chinese players aren’t hacking as you claim. Also the logic of “please ban from the EU servers”. Really? Seriously? I’d say that’s a tad offensive to claim its one race of humans’ fault. Since this isn’t one server if they give one server special privileges other servers would get it as well. Even then how the hell do you know if their Chinese? You don’t. Anyone even myself could put Asian letters in my name. So I’m therefore a hacker by the logic.

Just do yourself a favor and save the reply then record the video, post it unlisted to YT, and send it to a gamemaster to review.


We are an international game, so that means we could not ban anyone without any solid evidence that could prove they are cheating or not, also ban them from specific server. If a player is a cheater, no matter where he should come from, no matter where he should live, he is a cheater. So please use proper method to report the players whom you think they are cheating through web replay page.

And do not spam such topics on our forum any more, your behavior is against our community guidelines, so please do not do this again.