Plea for the JAS39A Gripen

Swedish top air ranks, in my opinion, have not received any substantial additions since the release of the Direct Hit update nearly 2 years ago and I believe now could be the time to change that with the addition of the Gripen A.

JA37D, while being a useful and necessary addition to the game, was simply not enough of a upgrade in terms of flight performance to compete against other top tier planes.

JAS39A would have approximately half the empty weight of JA37D while only losing about 30% of the thrust, which would provide much greater acceleration and overall flight performance without outperforming current top tier vehicles.

In terms of missiles the Gripen, considering the lack of confirmation of AMRAAMs, would not present much improvement, however I believe the increased performance alone would be enough.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

source for my rough calculations of thrust and weight


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And the eurofighter for Germany will be? If the Grippen is asked:)

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Fully agree.

Sweden needs something to freshen up their top tier as they currently are the only nation (apart from UK) without 12.0 jet. JAS39A would be comparable to F-16A Block 10 in the US tech tree and wouldn’t break the balance if introduced with only AIM-9Ls. And even then it would be better than Viggen which is exactly what Sweden desperately needs rn.

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EF-2000 is no way comparable to the early JAS39A

Yep. Ok. Its different position.

I’m all for F-4F ICE tho. I’d love to have it in game


there are always the DA.1 and DA.2 prototype Typhoons with RB.199 instead of EJ200 engines. They would only need a bit of the YaK-141 love

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Would they come to germany tho? Even if they would be underperforming in thrust, avionics themself would be enough to give them a much higher BR, just like with XF-2A

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I disagree. The general idea is the same but he is just crying about his imaginary reality and im giving less emotionally charged arguments

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DA.1 is German, DA.2 English.

And unlike the (X)F-2A, the radar is still mechanically scanned. A very good mechanical scanned radar sure, but nonetheless mechanical

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Ah that’s interesting. What weapons would it carry?

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πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ homie is acting like hes some kinda genius.

XF-2A has AESA Radar and no countermeasures.

F-15J which came in 1979
F-16C Block 30 came in 1986
F-16C Block 50 came in 1991

AIM-120A AMRAAM came in 1991

I have no idea what led you to that conclusion, but there is a reason why this topic hasn’t been removed and yours has. Your childish rambling is not fitting for the forums and you should grow up a little. I will not be continuing this conversation as it’s getting off topic.

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lmfao stop acting like your better than everyone

At this point, they should simply add the JAS 39 C and skip the A/B variants. As you pointed out, unless they feel like adding the IRIS-T there aren’t many missiles Sweden can use, so directly moving to a better airframe seems fair if we still only have AIM-9Ls.