Playing 11.7 US is just a waste of time

Though you have to admit, its sexy

Remove the ARAT keep the extra 50cal then we’re talking.

You know what’s worse than playing America? Playing with them. It’s gotten to the point where I just leave a game and wait 9 minutes for crew lock to be undone if I’m teamed with them. I don’t care if it’s “toxic” or whatever. It’s not worth my time to get 1 kill and then get immediately surrounded by Leopard 2s 2 minutes into the match, in a mid map position.


the maus can reverse faster than the t90m. so i guess the maus has better mobility than the t90m.

Unlike Maus Merkava 4 can easily keep up with M1A2 series.

I bet you dont mind going on the US server for easy games though lol 😆, no wonder its called the land of the free.

Well, I’m an American, so I play on the US servers yes.

Yeah I am guilty of doing the same, if I see that we are alone with the USA I just immediately assume it’s a lost game and leave. This is most common with downtiers, where you are put with premium/squadron Abrams, which makes things worse.

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Posts are hidden by community members flagging them, not Gaijin or Forum staff. If they wanted to silence you they would completely remove the post, not hide it.

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Yeah, I know…I responded to wrong person…mea culpa.

Shows lack of good faith and transparency.

Everyone plays on Us servers thats why they are so bad.