Playing 11.7 US is just a waste of time

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Please continue to play the US at current so the win rates go below 11% and Gaijin is finally forced to model the AGM-114L


If they are the same BR as the enemy tanks they face then that would suggest they are equal.Maybe it’s the players not the tank.

Assuming the M1 is vastly superior to any other tank in reality then how do you want that to play out in the game? Giving the M1 an advantage against Russian armour in game would be stamped on by the player base firstly.

Making the M1 into the super tank you think it is in real life would not work in the game as the player base are so offended by any form of equality.

So many players outside the USA play the US server because its considered easier.I do .I wont go into reasons given for that as many are offensive but poor win rate for America at high level might not be down to the vehicles especially as so many are stomping with them on youtube videos.


No, look - M1 has weaker armour, because of big weakspots. Also in reality it has much better DU armour. M1A1 HC and M1A2 armour should be at least as strong as T-90M, because it is still a game. But if T-90M can have such armour why Abrams have to suffer due to balance of the game?

Also M3A3 - same br as BMP-2M, but it is worse in EVERY way, from speed to weapon. HSTV-L is pure shit, it can’t perform on that br.

The problem is that US vehicles are much worse than it is in reality, but russian are much better than irl (for example 2s38)


I doubt it does and nobody knows if and where due to secrecy.If the USA military
and arms industry is as corrupt as the UK then the state of its MBT armour is hugely overstated.

Trouble is it only takes one good player who mains the USA and the M1 to turn that opinion to rubbish.If they are successful in the M1 then what does that say about US win rates ? Despite what I might say about the USA server in general there are some outstanding USA players who will never entertain anything other than an American ride into battle and they are winning in US kit and doing well overall.

We all know that the legendary vehicles in this game simply are not legendary and that is a serious fault the game had since the beginning .The uptier simply makes many vehicles redundant and pointless as well and that is found even at low BR with tanks like the french B1 or mid tier with the tiger.So much expectation and such disappointment and frustration.

If you main USA then buy a Russian premium and see if the Warthunder gaming world changes for you overnight.


Ive personally never been a big fan of the Abrams, except the SEP V2 and up, and the new Abrams X, but they need help, be it proper modeling for the turret ring or the crew wearing flak jackets/removing spall liners from the game.

All the inaccuracies on the supporting vehicles i want to play pisses me off

And recently i finally tried the T72M1 (stock,german tree) and the 292, from stock
Shits brain off ez mode. Just fly around corners and smack with a bigger round pushing more metal into spall. Autocannons? Pffft aint gotta worry about that shit


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The object 292 is literally unkillable, that’s why people play with it in TOP TIER, i’ve shot at it from the sides my shot literally went through the ammo and out just damaged the fuel tanks crazy stuff.

Probably would go about the same, the maps cater really hard to low gun depression

It was also bugged but I’m pretty sure that was fixed

I’m sick and tired of BVMs flying around corners and just not dying or even being crippled by side or lower plate shots, they’re too brazen

They fixed the fuel tanks to not explode, but other than that it’s still broken like the copium BVM side armor.

There’s a reason for this, and get ready for tinfoil hat time.

I’ll never not be convinced that gaijin made the autoloader modules to buff to Russian ammo rack detonations. The amount of shots I can put through the carousel now and either red or yellow the autoloader but the ammo stays okay is too many to count. A feature that seemingly doesn’t benefit any other nation with an autoloader.

It now makes it so they can’t follow up shot you when you both shoot. Which is great, but has also turned into this weird phenomena I’ve only witnessed with Russia, where a perfect shot to the carousel is saved by the auto loader. It ONLY seems to save Russian tanks though.

Like I said, tinfoil hat time. I stopped recording it and counting because it happened so often and only happened with one nation.

Abrams are faster, better reload, fire the best round in the game, and have as much turret armor as a Leopard 2A5.
No one’s gaslighting you.

HSTVL is the best auto-light in the game, and the 2nd best light tank in the game, while being the fastest unlockable vehicle in the game.
120S is 10.0, not 10.3+ as you want it to be with a better engine.

Soviet tanks are not hold W for anything other than getting ammo racked.

That ends my defense of United States military equipment for this post; as one of the only posts here defending US equipment.


I got the squadron Swedish T 80 U and it’s better than Abarms in everthing except for reload, reverse speed, and depression. 11.0 T 80 U superior to 11.7 Abrams lol.

Your stats must be amazing then .Good luck.


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Not really. I get faces against Germany alot so Leo 2s just ruin it all. playing against abrams is a breath of fresh air.

Abrams have been taken out by Bradleys in friendly fire situations ,so art imitates life :)


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What point you tryna make? They still suck in Warthunder.

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Abrams is arguably the second best top tier MBT in game (Leopard 2s are number one).

Compare to Russian MBTs, it has better gun depression, reload, and better round. Better mobility than T-90M.

Compare to Germany and Sweden, it is only inferior because of armor. It has a better reload than them.

Compared to Britain, the best MBT is the Chally 2E which is basically an Abrams with a much smaller ready rack, worse round, and less mobility.

Compared to Japan, Abrams has much better armor and a better round, though the reload is worse. By 1 second, compared to Leopard 2 and T series with 2-3 second worse reloads.

Compared to China, the Abrams at least has a better round, better reload, and better gun handling, and better mobility than some variants.

Compared to Italy, Abrams has better armor, better mobility, and better reload than Ariete. It only lacks DM53 but the reload vastly makes up for it.

Compared to France, Abrams is about the same, it has a better round but the Leclerc is slightly more mobile and has an autoloader.

Compared to Israel, Abrams has better armor, better round, better reload, better mobility, and the engine is in the rear allowing you to peak corners more easily.