Player Spawn Numbers At Beginning of Match

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Ever go into a match and and wonder “Why is everyone at one spawn”?

Screenshot 2023-07-25 213934

Do you think to yourself that your team would have won the match, if everyone didn’t go to the A point?

Screenshot 2023-07-22 135347

Wouldn’t it be great to know before choosing a spawn point at the beginning of a match where your teammates have concentrated efforts?

Lets solve that issue with adding player numbers at the beginning of matches to ensure that your team is balancing forces to take on the enemy! No more getting squashed at the beginning of the battle! No more being behind right out of the gate!

Lets vote this one up so it gets sent to the devs. It would be an awesome addition to an already awesome game!


While I see this being a great addition, I still believe most players will still stick to their main spawns that they feel they do best at.

I think it should be more evenly distributed. Those players who don’t choose a point, or choose auto/random should be put on a point with the least amount of players.

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Already suggested this! Good to know, im not the only one feeling this should be implemented!