Plans for MICA IR & Exocet?

I just wanted to ask the Devs if the Exocet Anti-Ship Missile is planed for this update and if the MICA IR was planned for the next one / soon. (Not the Fox 3 MICA, ik WT isn’t ready for that)

Having the Super Etandard coming this update without it’s reason for existing seems a bit weird.


It’s unlikely France will get either of these, the devs seem intent on giving France half finished things with underperforming weapons systems. I assume partially because we need to keep the illusion of American and Russian equipment being the best in the world.

Happy to be proven wrong though.


The super etendard is mostly a cas aircraft for GRB. At 10.0 with GBU it could be very good.
Some mod said that the AS-30L/Damocles/Magic 2 could have been added but that would put it at least at 10.7 and it woulnd’t be really competitive with the Mirage 2000D.

For the Exocet, just watch at the Kormoran the Tornado carry.
It’s a ussless weapon as of now in GRB or ARB.
I don’t think the Exocet would fare really better.

The missile is not design to go against armored target and carries too small of a charge to sink a ship (or a small one).

Anyways it would be kinda useless in WT rn.

The Mica IR would be OP but like really OP.
That thing is more maneuvrable than a R73.
Bigger glimbal than the R73 so better in Dogfigth.
Has longuer range than a R27T
Has a better seeker range than the R27ET.
Has better IRCCM than any missile we have ingame by far.
Can do 180° shot easelly (INS navigation)
Can be linked to radar and you can shoot it thougth cloud.

Anyways this weapon is not for now lol.
It’s a big step up over the R-73 or even the Python 4.

Oh man, the MICA IR would probably be on IRIS-T, AIM-9X Block II and R-74M2 levels of insane, they should maybe hold off a little longer, but I can’t wait until we get to that point though.

I don’t think there is an IR missile that matches its overall capabilities

what sets it apart from other weapons?

its bvr with thrust vectoring and its well an ir missile that you will never know has you locked
everything else is pretty short range

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So, it’s just like the IRIS-T. Both I’m sure are very potent, I don’t know which is better. Just sounds similar and looks as well.

I had no idea it was that potent, nvm WT is def not ready for the MICA, still I’d be cool to have the exocet, even if it’s not very useful.

no not really mica has triple the range

It may have the the maximum range but can it lock targets far enough to utilize that range?

It can use all of the range, it uses INS and Datalink to guide it to target once in range then it locks.

I just did more digging, it’s able to LOAL, you can mad dog it like you could with a AMRAAM style missile.

I mean it is literally a fox 3 with an IR seeker