PL-8 and Python-3 missiles are made very wrongly

In now game,China PL-8 is same as Israel Python-3.But it is wrong.
In reality,PL-8 is a China made Python-3,or you can say PL-8A.China bought some Python-3,and made PL-8A with same techonology.They are just basically the same thing.

And that is why Python-3 cant use Head aiming assisted locking.Same cant the PL-8A.
But Gaijin give Head Aiming Assisted Locking ability to PL-8,or in game J-8F with PL-8.
In reality,PL-8A cant use Head Aiming Asisted Locking ,but PL-8B can.

PL-8B,it is after China use several years PL-8A,they think PL-8A is kind of easy to lock on flares ,since PL-8A/Python-3 use a Single element infrared guidance system ,it means when enemy jet throw flares with a regular frequency ,PL-8A will lock the flares rather than enemy jet.Just same issue in now game.This system is very sensitive to any hot spot.

After China get R73,which use a Dual infrared seeker head, from Russia,China gov then learn from R73s and product PL-8B,it use Multi element infrared guidance system,which means Install four detector arrays in a linear or rectangular manner, and modulate light energy through scanning.And from the outside look,Python-3/PL-8A s head use glass,while PL-8B use a opaque material as head.Its advantage is that it can not only achieve full wave detection, but also eliminate background interference in a large area, especially the interference signal of infrared jammers and infrared interference bombs. In terms of its technical level, it is already superior to the dual infrared detector array used by the imported R-73 air-to-air missile.And in i add picture,PL-8B head is more like now in game TY-90,which is the 3rd generation AAM and also has a good anti interference performance.

And not just this,PL-8B also use Laser Proximity fuze, not Python 3 radio proximity fuze,this makes PL-8B again better anti-interference performance than Python-3.And PL-8B has at most 40° off axis emission angle,while Python-3 only has 20°.And PL-8B has ability to guided by head aiming system,while Python-3/PL-8A dont have.

In a word,in now game,PL-8 and Python-3 are just copies,and totally made wrongly .China J-8F with head aiming only use PL-8B in reality,and only old J-7E J-8B use PL-8A ,and in game PL-8 is a mix thing combined and nerfed with PL-8A and PL-8B. And Python-3 is a copy of PL-8 in game,it should be same as PL-8A,which means it is much more weaker in reality than now in game.

Gaijin,fix this big and very wrong bug.Strengthen the poor PL-8 on J-8F at 11.7,it should has much better anti interference performance than even AIM9L,more like one year ago AIM9L and 2 year ago PL-5B ,rather than now same/worse as AIM9L,and nerf the Python-3 ,let it be same sensitive,worse than AIM9L, and love regular frequency thrown flares as it does in reality.
circle_screenshot_1_揭秘中国霹雳8空空导弹_ 中国空军底气的来源!_网易订阅 (2)
circle_screenshot_1_中国“霹雳”系列空空导弹 都叫霹雳长得真不像一家 (2)
circle_screenshot_1_中国“霹雳”系列空空导弹 都叫霹雳长得真不像一家 (3)
circle_screenshot_1_中国“霹雳”系列空空导弹 都叫霹雳长得真不像一家 (5)

And this is the website of these things:

  1. 长空霹雳—中国空军霹雳8近距空空导弹_网易新闻 (
  2. 怪蛇”3/4/5空空导弹_导引头_发射_目标 (

“For balance”

Have you bug reported this?

you are wrong man, the ingame name is correct, china buyed Python 3s to israel and they rename it to PL-8 and change it the color scheme, PL-8A is the same missile as the PL-8 and Python 3 with the capability to use HMS but! with chinese components, and if you think that the Python 3 is a copy paste PL-8 you are wrong, the PL-8 is a copy paste Python 3, is an israeli missile not a chinese missile man! and the Python 3 is correct it have the performance that should have in real life same as the PL-8, What you’re asking for is ridiculousness, asking to be given a nerf to the Python 3 doesn’t make any sense at all, in any case the one they have to nerf is the PL-8 and take away the ability to use the HMS since it’s a copy of the Python 3, and the HMS technology that China possessed at the time of receiving the Python 3 that Israel sold them and then rename it to PL-8, was not able to use the HMS to lock enemies, and it cant be radar slaved too, soo pls dont misinform the people, i have all the information you want about this missile, if you need REAL and VERIDIC information send me a DM.

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Another thing the chinese goverment paid US$500 million to israel for the purchase of 1500 missiles and the opening of a production line in Xian in 1989, when the productions begins the new Python 3/(PL-8 chinese designation of the Python 3) with chinese components was called PL-8A, this new version have the capability to use the chinese HMS technology, same rocket engine as the Python 3/PL-8 same range, same G pull, same resistance to flare, no IRCCM, the IRCCM technology was implemented in the PL-8B, and you asking for this when is not the time soo…

and if you didn´t notice the Python 3/PL-8 have the same seeker FoV as the AIM-9L is the same flare resistance, wich is kinda correct but at the same time no, because the Python 3/PL-8 should be better than the AIM-9L in flare resistance, thats the reason why the chinese goverment chose the Python 3 and not the AIM-9L, and if you didn´t know China managed to get some AIM-9Ls to compare and found the Python to be superior.

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PL-8A like PL-8 but with IRCCM and equivalent R-73, AIM-9M-8 & AIM-9M-9

PL-8B with IRCCM & ECCM, I guess PL-8B similar to R-73M

I guess PL-8A mounted on Chengdu J-10A/J-10AH, Xian JH-7A & Chengdu J-7G, and PL-8B equipped on Chengdu J-10B & Shenyang J-11B/J-11BH

PL-8A never had IRCCM only the PL-8B, PL-8A are PL-8s assembled in China with Chinese parts while regular PL-8s are assembled with Israeli kits. PL-8B adds a new multicolor seeker with crossed array detector IRCCM (similar to the R-73/73M) aswell as the ability to be pointed by helmet mounted sight (original Python 3 lacked this ability which was added in the Python 4)


In game,it is Python-3 copy PL-8

i did,but i think gaijin will always say “NOT A BUG”,they just want to give Israel good copies,and give China bad copies.They are very lazy ,and i dont think those jews will admit that Python-3 should get nerfed to be as same as in reality.They will say “PL-8 is a copy of Python-3”,but i have to mention them again:In war thunder,Python-3 is copy of PL-8,and PL-8 in game is a mix of PL-8A and PL-8B.In reality,PL-8A is a copy of Python-3,and PL-8B is totally better than Python-3/PL-8A.

yeah,gaijin is very lazy,they just mix PL-8A nad PL-8B to make in game PL-8,and copy PL-8 to make Python-3,but Python-3 is indeed totally worse than PL-8B,and totally same as PL-8A in reality.

It is,China learnt from those bought R73 missiles bought from Russian,and make PL-8B even better than R73 at anti interference performance

Based on Gaijin’s differentiation of PL-8, PL-8A, PL-8B, and Python-3, I would like to make another suggestion to distribute PL-8A to the 11.0 J-7 E and J-8 F

I have the following reasons to support it:

  1. The J-7E was originally redesigned to mount the PL-8 (A). In reality, the J-7E has never used the PL-5B. In order to solve the engine shutdown failure caused by the huge smoke generated during the launch of the PL-8 missile entering the air inlet, and to balance the huge weight of the PL-8 missile, Chengdu Research Institute adopted the double Delta wing design, which not only greatly improved the maneuverability of the J-7, There can also be greater force to balance the weight issue of the PL-8. Why is an aircraft designed for the PL-8 unable to fly the PL-8 (A) in the thunder of war?

  2. Then there is the J-8B, with that code 81192. This aircraft has been using the PL-8 (A) from service to sacrifice, in 2001 April, this plane met an accident, it crashed with that USA spy plane in South China sea. At the time of the accident, the missile hanging on this aircraft was the PL-8A, rather than the incorrect and historical missile PL-5B in the game.

  3. I know some people will say that this is all for balance. If we give the J-7E and J-8B PL-8A missiles, they will be too strong at 11.0. Yes, but who stipulates that we cannot still get the balance we deserve after obtaining a good missile? It is also possible to place the J-7E and J-8B with PL-8 on 11.3.

  4. The reason why you said you wouldn’t give the J-7E J-8B PL-8 missile back then was because the PL-8 was too supermodel, but now the PL-8 missile in top tier rooms is no longer supermodel. Whether it’s for the historical authenticity of the game or for the balance of the game, it should restore the J-7E J-8B’s real missile in reality, that is, give them two aircraft PL-8 (A) and place them on 11.3. Isn’t it exactly what the Thunder of War has always boasted about making an airplane look like it is in reality? Why castrate the true weight of an aircraft for a false and unbalanced missile mount? For those who want to slaughter other planes at a lower weight with a disabled version of the aircraft, would you support the Tiger King Tank H not having to use a long 88 gun, but instead installing a short 75 gun that it has never used before, and then placing it in BR5.7? Or is it that F14A does not have AIM-54A and AIM-7F, but instead holds AIM-7C and AIM-9B on 10.7? Or Mig29 holding R-23R and R60 at 11.0, would you be happy? It is intolerable for an aircraft to hold the wrong, false missile and place it at a lower weight.I hope people that dont support give the true and right PL-8A missile to J-7E and J-8B code 81192 ,you can also agree to delete F14A AIM-54A AIM-9H ,delete Mig29 R-27ER,and give them F14A AIM-7C AIM-9B to put it at BR 10.7,or give Mig-29 R-60 R-23R to put it at BR 10.7.Dont be double standard to China plane.J-7E J-8B with PL-8A at 11.3 wont be too OP or too shit.It is very historical and balance.

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israel good copy?? XD man is an israeli missile not a chinese missile haha what copy are you talking about? the PL-8 is a copy of the Python 3, you are acting like the Python 3/PL-8 is a chinese missile when is not.

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go and read this cry baby

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go and read this kid!

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when the Python 3 entered service? when it received its baptism of fire the Python 3? do you know that your Chinese government bought Python 3 and renamed them to PL-8? There’s information about this everywhere and you’re saying otherwise, when everyone is telling you the truth, where do you want to go with this? The Chinese fanaticism is consuming your brain so much that it does not let you read and analyze the information you have all over the internet.

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@卜部美琴是我老婆Urabe_X @DracoMindC PL-8B mounted on Chengdu J-10A/J-10AH/J-10B, Shenyang J-11B/J-11BH, Shenyang J-15/J-15B and Shenyang J-16

I’m not sure if it’s correct ?

פיתון-3 – רפאל go here kid, another source, you can translate this.

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am gonna say this one more time you didn´t know that the PL-8A is the same missile as the Python 3/PL-8?, just produced with chinese components, this “A” version allowed the chinese to use the HMS technology that they have, the PL-8A is the damn Python-3/(PL-8 wich is the chinese designation for the exported Python 3 from israel) just with a chinese seeker wich is be able to use the chinese HMS technology or what the hell you are not understanding?, for the love of god man just research information, who the hell i have more information about your chinese goverment programs than you man.