[Petition] - Replace India with a better Sub-nation

Eventually Australian F-18s would have ASRAAM

Cheers, thought we gave up on that.

Later F-18 variants, yes. But the Legacy F-18s no

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This, regrettably, checks out for our fondness of adopting new tech and finding it fiddly to maintain, then not maintaining it and abandoning it because it didn’t just work.

(See Taipan)

I beleive the only reason india is in the British tree is because they were our colony until 1947, but canada that technically still is has been cut up and thrown into three nations trees and Australia two.

Either a sub nation should be in the tree of its colonial creator or in the tree of the nation the export vehicle came from, one or the other and not the inconsistency we are seeing

Have you heard of this thing called the Commonwealth?


Im very aware of the commonwealth of nations, I just think that we have countries with closer ties that fit far better


Gunna be a funny argument should India and South Africa both leave the Commonwealth. I can see both doing so in the next year or so.

That’s a future issue for the devs to justify \o/

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It is also a good choice that Britain should not obtain any colonial vehicles.
After all, noble double standards only want to play British domestic garbage 🚮 Why steal the copy and paste vehicles of former colonial countries?🤣👉

A) British domestic equipment is amongst the best in the world. Arguably only really being eclipsed if compared 1:1 with French kit. However, Gaijin does not want to model it.
B) Australians I have interacted with on the topic (I am also Australian) would rather have our kit in the British tree than the yank tree. Canadians I’ve spoken with seem to second this.
C) Commonwealth kit is being added, just the end result of the commonwealth existing. When the commonwealth loses member states, then you can argue that, as it stands that’s the way things are going.


Brits get given some spice to their tech tree and this guy looses it… rather than being grateful as a Brit main should instead chooses to winge like a Englishman. Nice to see India, hope to see more and other vehicles from the commonwealth.

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This is the second time I have emphasised in this discussion. I will not object to the addition of colonial vehicles such as Australia and Canada to the British tree, but I oppose the elevation of some colonies while belittling India. It is disgusting and disgusting🤮

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Theres literally nothing wrong with India as a sub-faction for the UK, the problem is the vehicles gaijin have picked to implement. India has a huge number of domestic vehicles and UK-related vehicles they could add.

Blame the selected vehicles, not India. We will see the same for other nations like Australia or Canada, copies of German or American vehicles added, not domestic and it would be the same exact issue.

Sick and tired of India getting talked down when it isnt Indias fault here.

Jets without copying a Russian design, either domestic or British influenced.

Gnat, Ajeet, Sea Harrier FRS.51, Marut(the first ever domestic jet fighter built in Asia IIRC), Tejas, Kiran, Sitara to name a few. Helis you got the Prachand.

Tanks which have some Russian influence at times but overall, could be argued unique enough for those too.

Vijayanta - mk1b (LRF), Mk2, Catapult, GBT 155. Arjun, EX/Karna tank. In the future the Zorawar LT too. NAMICA (nag missile carrier), sure its on a BMP2 stretched chassis but local built and local design. If really needing it, AMX-13 from france! xD

This is just off my head, I am sure plenty of people with more in depth knowledge of Indian workings can easily list off more vehicles.

The most I see in hostility to India being added seems to honestly be from people who want American gear added to the UK tree via Canada/Australia.


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Nah, you know players are gonna be lining up to drop $75 on a pixel plane. It’s the same thing every time - people complain that they’re too expensive and are ruining high tier due to the influx of low skill players, but the moment one releases or goes on sale you’re gonna get enough of them to fill up both teams.

Remove india from UK and place it in israel tech tree. Simple and effective from game perspective, as israel tech tree would had better lineups. Also, israel and india like themselves very much, so thier playerbases would be happy about it

It’s an Indian aircraft, it was built in India.
Hawk, Gnat, Vulcan, TSR2 aren’t 11.7s/are strike aircraft/are different aircraft; all of which I want.
Harrier II, Tornado, jaguar, Bucc are strike aircraft, thus Mig-21Bison doesn’t fill their role either.

None of which would’ve come this update if Mig-21Bison was never developed for the game cause that’s not how game development works.

Weird of you to accuse everyone that stated correct information of being wrong.
We’ll keep accepting facts and admitting when information changes.

And just cause Gaijin added a Typhoon equivalent aircraft this update, breaking behavior, doesn’t mean the methodology everyone uses is wrong.

This post is me showing my support for British aircraft, and me stating that it’s okay that information changes where old statements are no longer correct.


Sea-Vixen FAW1 with 30mm ADEN Canons (which has been suggested) would fill that gap nicely. (its about time we get a non-premium sea vixen anyway)

Wouldn’t fill the gap as I can’t see it being above 9.3, it wouldn’t fill much besides being more of a general addition.

BAE HAWK 200 could have anywhere from Aim-9Ls and Skyflash and be 11.0 all the way up to ASRAAM and Aim-120C5s

It will probably end up being horrible for dog fighter and I can see it being 9.7 or 10.0 best, it wouldn’t be carrying LGBs since it would require a buddy laser and the addition of the AIM-120 or ASRAAM for the vehicle would be absurd and especially when the R-77 has been rejected for the similar SU-39.

If you include Skyflashes then maybe 10.3 or 10.7 if you’re pushing it, radar missiles can only get you so far.

Harrier Gr5A is my suggestion for an 11.3 premium aircraft equal to the Su-39. It would be like the Harrier Gr7 in most respects except Aim-9Ls and not AIm-9Ms

You need to think from a logical view, why give a vehicle all its weapons if it will either fill a already existing spot or underperform at the BR. Many vehicles lack their historical loadouts and if the Harrier GR.5 was added it should act as a much lower BR variant instead of being a rival to the Harrier GR.7 in some areas.

Im assuming here you are talking about the naval line, whilst yes there isnt really any pure naval aircraft between 8.7 and 10.3 there could be semi-naval aircraft added such as the Hunter T.8 and T.8M which were modified hunters outfitted with arrestor gear for training RN pilots for carrier ops

The hawk is a pretty manoeuvrable aircraft, whilst it is affected by suspended armament due to how light it is, it would perform like a faster, more manoeuvrable Su-25 with a radar and more missiles, a variant with 9Ls and Skyflashes could easily be at least 10.7 and would outperform anything below that.

Also it could come in two fighter variants with the early/preproduction one being around 11.0 whilst the later production model could come with ASRAAM and AMRAAM probably around 13.7+

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