[Petition] - Replace India with a better Sub-nation



Ah yes, zero gaps.

Name 1 TT that doesnt have small gaps like those. None of which are even close to filled by the Mig-21

Line 1. Gap between FGR2 and JAS39 can be filled with the Cheatah D (as mentioned before)

Line 2. Gap can be filled by the Mirage III (as mentioned before) and the BAE Hawk

Line 3. Can be filled with the Sea Vixen

Line 4. Can be filled with the Harrier Gr5, BAE Hawk and Jaguar GR3A.

Line 5. Doesnt need filling. (though V bombers would be fun)

Also. try looking at RB rather than AB Battle ratings. you have deliberately chosen to make it look worse than it is by looking at AB


try looking at RB rather than AB Battle ratings. you have deliberately chosen to make it look worse than it is by looking at AB

It was set as that automatically and the gaps still remain nonetheless.

Name 1 TT that doesnt have small gaps like those. None of which are even close to filled by the Mig-21

image This is a tiny gap which doesn’t require filling, you are correct and I’m just the silly one.

Gap between FGR2 and JAS39 can be filled with the Cheatah D

That goes against your idea of Sub Nations however? That is absolutely bonkers! And please stop focusing on Air like that is the only part of War Thunder people play lol.

Can be filled with the Sea Vixen

If you are talking about using a premium to fill gaps then that’s absolutely stupid, not everyone has reserves of money for War Thunder.

Can be filled with the Harrier Gr5, BAE Hawk and Jaguar GR3A

The BAE Hawk would be 10.3 at most, the Jaguar GR3A would carry ASRAAMs and would be above the Harrier GR.7 and the Harrier GR.5 would be mediocre and wouldn’t add anything special.

And thats going to be filled with an Indian/russian Vehicle then?

Never said no sub-nation I said no shit sub nation like India. Was unneeded. South Africa + plus british export and CW unique stuff would have been suffecient. I.E like the ADATS at top tier SAM.

And what if anything good do they add. Arjun would be a very very weak 10.3 MBT at best. Canada has better ground vehicles for us, Like the LAVIII

Sea-Vixen FAW1 with 30mm ADEN Canons (which has been suggested) would fill that gap nicely. (its about time we get a non-premium sea vixen anyway)

BAE HAWK 200 could have anywhere from Aim-9Ls and Skyflash and be 11.0 all the way up to ASRAAM and Aim-120C5s. It would fill that gap nicely.

Unless it was given an ahistorical loadout like the Jaguar Gr1As and only given Aim-9Ms. A TT version of the Jaguar IS though better as it would have airframe upgrades and HMS.

Harrier Gr5A is my suggestion for an 11.3 premium aircraft equal to the Su-39. It would be like the Harrier Gr7 in most respects except Aim-9Ls and not AIm-9Ms.

Harrier Gr9A would be after the Gr7 with 6x Aim-9Ms, HMS and Mk107 engine

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Vehicles from nations that aren’t full tech trees should go to the current tech trees that suit them the most. The Jaguar IS for instance is perfectly fine to be in the British TT since it is based off of a British used jet. The Vijayanta is fine in the British TT since it is just an Indian Vickers Mk.1.

Then we have the MiG-21 Bison and even the T-90 Bishma. It’s pretty clear where these vehicles are from and where they would fit in more with.

Sub-trees should bring unique options to the current tech trees not copies from of tech trees. If Gaijin does want to add similar vehicles the. It should go into the tech tree closest to it


More than that, Jaguar IS is literally an exported Jaguar Gr1A from the UK. Just with some slight mods the Indians made, like the different Tpod.


Personally believe it should just be a commonwealth tree.

Indians and Brits can bitch and moan, but the more commonwealth stuff gets added the more chance I have of seeing Australian kit in the British tree instead of being stolen by the yanks because “It’s an American design”.

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Id prefer that immensely. The idea of Mig-29s coming to our tree somewhat disgusts me

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I don’t see the issue, if it becomes a commonwealth tree. India is a commonwealth member. The more of their stuff gets added, the more grounds we have to argue for Australian and Canadian kit being taken out of the trees it is currently dispersed amongst and put in the British tree.

People can bitch and moan, but don’t exactly get to claim what is or isn’t justified if the devs take the approach they seem to be taking. If commonwealth, ends up in Commonwealth tree.

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Just think native built stuff should come over US or USSR C&P

Oh, I agree with that. But remember, a lot of stuff from Australia and Canada (your proposals) would end up very similar to copy and paste. Plus, all the kiwis could add is the bloody Semple. No one sane wants that. I am entirely willing to wear the hurt from any New Zealanders upset at the slander of their wartime output.

A lot of Australian kit is American, and previously German. A lot of Canadian kit is American, and German. Only thing that would be minimally copied across would be Russia, but with Indian, you’d get a mix of all 3. Not awful.

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Very little actually. At most I could see


Pretty much everything else that should be added is native built stuff (like the Avro Arrow or LAVIII) or British export stuff. Like the Jaguar IS. Soviet stuff I just dont think is needed in the slightest.

For Australia, our aircraft are often American, our helis are American (we gave up on Taipan), our armour is generally a mix of American and boxers (or that stupid lil IFV we bought recently) in the current day and age. Previously we had centurions and leopards, and prior to that we had the sentinels and Matildas from memory.

Modern day, we’d be pretty much copy paste.

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That not exactly correct they have this:

Oh, from what I hear they have a modified Valentine variant as well. The “Valentine Mk III CS” but bar the M41 it seems everything else the Kiwis could bring the British used themself or could come from others for tanks.

Oh ZA also used the M41… Welp that’s only three then from the Kiwis for tanks.

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Let me make fun of the Kiwis in peace damnit.

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I mean you guys still licensed built your Hornets from what I found. Same with most of your other aircraft.

So I wouldn’t call those US C&P as you built them yourself. Same with the other US aircraft oh and the Mirages.

Which is far better than Canada’s last domestically made aircraft with the CF-166(CF-5) as a deal was worked out the part of the Hornets had to be built in Canada and that’s how we got around the requirement to licenced build them(Tho we also lost our aerospace industry I think the failure of the “CL-84 Dynavert” killed Canadair at least on the military side as, as far as I could find it was the last military thing they tried to build.)

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From the standpoint of stuff being added to the game, it would effectively amount to copy and paste for Australia. IRL, not the case, but game doesn’t exactly care about manufacture region.

Can’t comment on Canada, sorry.

Don’t you guys use other missiles? So that would make it unique.

Eh, technically speaking WT lists licensed built stuff as variants as seen by the Canadair Sabers (CL-13) and other aircraft like it.

That’s why I’m here to comment on them.