People who don't do Objective but push Spawn

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Have a few more games then comment?

Oh yeah i forgot not having a billion Matches in the Game means its not possible that someone was already capable of seeing that something is amiss or that many people play like Dogshit and completely ignore doing the Objective which is the main point of the whole Match, my bad

Yeah I thought I knew it all after 2000 games as well.

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Pressing W into spawn is better than playing objective as it give kills and score, one is good for RP and other for current event. So people try to maximize score not wins.

i dont claim i know it all nor do i claim that im myself a good player but its very obvious to see that in a lot of matches (not all) a lot of people (not all) dont pay any attention to the map/pings, don’t do the objective(s) and just W into spawn and then get all killed one by one and the match is lost

Doing one Cap is worth several Kills in SL/RP (i think around 3 Kills) and gives ~300 Score…and this isn’t new since this Event this has always been so at least since im playing - and you need to do the Objective in order to win the Game, whole point of the Match.

And i doubt its better to immediately push into spawn when the enemy controls the other two objectives and now wipes the floor with your team just standing in their spawn from all sides

its risk vs reward

Yes a cap is woth a lot more than a kill, but trying to cap a base is maybe the most dangerous thing you can do. They are often exposed and the moment you start trying to cap, everyone in the game knows exactly where you are. So a cap is rarely guaranteed but you have a LOT higher chance of being killed.

But pushing for a spawn can result in 2 or 3 kills with relatively safety. (plus people care more about K/D than winning I find)


That only works when everyone else on your Team is actually doing the Objective and killing Enemies (so they respawn in Spawn).

When no one actually does the Objective and immediately goes to Spawn your Team gets their Ass wiped, almost none of the Enemies will respawn because none will have actually died in the first engagement where they are wiping the floor with the few on your Team doing the Objective and now that they control the Objectives will just attack you from all sides easily killing all the ones just standing in/around the enemies Spawn.

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Yeah, not saying you are wrong. Just thats why they do what they.

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this is more of a vent than a topic to talk about. Can’t control how people play so just have to deal with it and do everything yourself and carry.


What team? Half the players are probably doing Battle pass and have their own agenda quite often leaving when they have achieved them.
Yeah, sure you can sit and watch as your winning team vanish into the enemy spawn, disappearing off your mini map one by one but it can also be those who rush spawn who get the most kills. Works either way. Gaijin rewards kills as well as winning.

CAS makes sitting on a taken Zone a poor move especially with bombers like the Lancaster or PE8 about. Many advocate keeping moving as the key to success in the game as static defense of a zone leads to getting out flanked whereas pushing on the enemy spawn reduces the amount of map available to the enemy effectively ending the game.

It all revolves around knowing where your enemy is spawning from which is a decision taken by the game makers not the game players. You can’t blame players for having to play the hand they are given. As you progress in the game you will find that your choices are more limited than you might imagine and even more so now days with map design taking a huge hit.

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Gotta carry the games alone and cant rely too much on teammate sometimes. Sometimes you solo the game, sometimes you get an actual team, sometimes ya get bad teams. That’s war thunder lol get a bit of everything.

Now to make it easier on you, best to squad up. Those who squad up can win more games and fight over objectives better and enjoy the games a lot more vs those who play solo. They even got much better stats on K/D ratio and win rate.

2 options: Can choose how to play
1- fight alone which includes more suffering, soloing, less to no teamwork etc…
2- squad up with friends, online friends for better results and fun gameplay


You got to take into account the human factor as well. Imagine you are on the other team getting spawn camped 5 minutes into a match. That isn’t very fun. Therefore, people would just start leaving one by one until it is 2/3 of a team vs 1/2 of a team. Now, you have a number advantage.
Obviously, that doesn’t work out everytime but when it does, it is glorious.

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The best part of this is using a small SL booster and capturing the points repeatedly in my FIAT 6614. I’ll capture the nearest point before my team has the chance lol

Players in this game are so dumb, I absolutely smash whole teams even with 225 ping from New Zealand, but as soon as one good player notices me and actually challenges me, then I die. Players with complaints about dumb team mates just need to team up with smart people. Start by ignoring players who do nothing useful during the match, or who start spamming the radio 10 seconds into the match.

The stupid players are actually an advantage when they’re on the other team, because you can sometimes drive up behind them (rare) and get 4 kills to the back of their turrets. I got top score yesterday on Ash River because I flanked the enemy and caused serious damage to several enemy tanks from the rim of the crater at the north. That was me playing Italy. I also had another great game where I took on Tigers and big SPG vehicles, with my ELC Bis. I drive so close that they can’t aim low enough to hit me. Even if they hit me they’re using the wrong shells lol, so I just keep murdering them slowly at close range where I have a huge advantage.

We need to severely punish blind german players and overly-confident USSR SPG players. It’s good stress relief.

Let’s see what’s better W your foe so there is no foe for you to capture the objectives or let them come to you and probably snip you from across the map.

W your foe is not the same as W the enemies Spawn.

There aren’t going to be many Enemies inside the Spawn respawning to kill when your Team loses the initial / first engagement

I hate when my team gets killed like this. I’m just watching the killfeed, seeing one single player kill all the allies gathered in a corner one by one and not one of them pings the map to tell the others where the enemy is. And when it happens to me, I try to ping the map and machine gun the enemy and still no one pays any attention to them. It’s so frustrating.

The best foe is a dead foe.