Pakistan + Bangladesh ULTIMATE (and complete) Tech Tree

arguably yes but they are already in folders of their own with the type 59II and type 69IIG

Toyota Landcruiser with 40mm grenade launcher

good for anti infantry but i must admit it dosent have a place in WT


Convertible car killer?

lol italian pizza truck killer, but unless i know what kinds of ammunition it is capable of i cant really even give it a place in WT much less the techtree

ok so i found ou tits actually a STK40 40mm grenade launcher, so a bit more explosive mass i expect

Last year we bought those grenade launchers from Singapore.
Better image

I think it would be suitable for 2.7/3.0 BR

an analogue to the Pz.IIC perhaps? at this rate, Ground rank I might actually be a viable option

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maybe.You can add the stuarts at rank 1 and sexton spg can be added at rank 2.

yeah ig we could do some streaching

Does Pakistan have any vehicle similar to our toyotas?You can add them.

Do you have any plan to add naval tree?

OH! good idea! but it would be a small one unless submarines are added, even then, but i promise to make a draft

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it shouldn’t be a small one.There are plenty of things that you can add

Baktar Shikan on a Land rover?(Pakistan)

i dont think this is in active service nor was it ever tried to be used for combat.
but ill make a list for all these that i havent yet put in.

Raad APC.It can use Baktar Shikan atgm.(Pakistan)

Super Mushak

wait what? bombs or guided weaponry? obv its inert but what?