Option for Smaller Team Sizes in Air Realistic Battles

Finally. Now we can use the Fox 3’s properly

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It would be nice if there were multi options for the match maker, say 10v10 / 8v8. One thing they could also do is maybe add a weekly limited 5v5 gamemode. I really do not understand why they hold themselves back this much. With this there is soo much potential.


This makes it so that the community puts the money where their mouth is. If the community really wants smaller team sizes, then the statistics will show players utilizing that option.



some planes have enough missles to whipe a full team if less than 8 players

A good change, or at least a good start

Since you state the following

This will only be for aircraft with a Battle Rating of 10.0 or higher, where high-end air-to-air missiles are far more prevalent

If i play a 9.0-9.7 plane and land in a game with BR 10.0 or higher and have the option enabled, will it try to find smaller lobbies or is it though luck and i have to fight “high end air to air missiles” in a 16v16 match nevertheless?


This may be Gaijin cooking here, everyone stand back.


the 6v6 blackhole around 6.0 is due to certain bombers, and that people doesnt want to play versus those

It is probably from 11.0 and up, therefore it is available for 10.0 aircraft

there are enough 10,0 + games where like 10 groundattacker with bombs or rockets spawn, against a full fighter team happen

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You can get 11.0 games as-well where everyone has bombs or rockets

I guess it wouldn’t change because 12v12 was really fine when we had back then.

can you flip it so smaller is default and bigger is the option, to equate this to ground battles this is like making night battle the default and day battles the option


a better thing is to have smaller be default and bigger be the option then they can see how many people want the bigger battles, which fun fact were not a welcome feature for more than a week




Make it so it’s guaranteed if the option is enabled. I am not playing top tier 16v16 on small Spain/Afghanistan/City anyway, would be nice to avoid a crewlock.


This is an excellent change. Thank you.

We can now at least get some data on what players want and if 16 v 16 ends up becoming way less popular, maybe we can make 16 v 16 into a more long form game mode like a shortened Air RB EC.

Option. Ok. Good.

So “Return to hangar” until I get a “smaller” battle.


oh yeah, did not think of that this means that people that want smaller battles will just quit to hanger more often if they get 16v16 multiple times in a row, the more I think about it the worse the implementation gets