One ship multiple configuration should now be allowed

Nelson would body every other ship rn so hardly any chance we gonna see it soon. As for queen, it gets good armor, good guns with hopefully late war shells, great aa and good secondaries like those on renown.


Actually worse armor distribution for underwater protection, short AP fuze and low penetration…
Can be better than current Mutsu but current Mutsu itself is worse compared to Ise or Fuso.

Same pen as mutsu, way better bursting charge, able to get 6 guns without showing sides and 9 with slight angle. Fuzes arent historically implemented in wt.

Fuze is historically implemented for British capital ships as 0.025 seconds. Also, not showing sides? Say hello to Soviet and Japanese AP with thin 305 mm armor.

Besides, let’s stop this and go back to original topic. I found another candidate who wants one ship multiple configuration. There are a lot of Iowa class configuration that people wanted to be implemented, and multiple configuration can be an answer to satisfy them all.

Dude we are still far away from regular iowa class so dont get me started on the ones with tomahawks. You got way too hyped up.

Gaijin doesn’t have the resources (or business case) to roll out complete and final tech trees that has every significant vehicle and versions there of.
So what you see right now is a “work in progress” (ie: Open Beta never ended).
They have to balance how new vehicles are introduced into the BRs, and lets be honest, how it effects the sale of the premium ships.

All you’d need is to aim for this huge main gun cluster at the foredeck with AP and watch it detonate quickly. Considering Gajin won’t change current meta once more.

The bigger the main gun arrays are, the easier you get these ‘turret ammo racks’, which I’m going for atm.

Always aim for the turrets and this will happen. Sometimes even low calibres trigger that.

Yeah happens pretty often if you fire at side armor like on the pic. With proper angling the chances of ammorack are going down and without showing sides at all they are rather low, not to mention that more shells hit the water due to spread. Not many people are doing this now since many ships have their girepower cut in more than a half, but Ive seen it work very well while playing renown, and we all know how fragile that ship is