OH-58d should not be at 10.3

First, let’s compare two helicopters, the AH-6M (10.0) with the OH-58D (10.3).

optics: 10x-19x
secondary weapon: 4×agm-114k + 2×minigun

secondary weapon: 4×agm-114k or 4×aim-92

So, how does Gaijin think OH-58D should be at 10.3? Compared to the ah-6m, it lacks two machine guns for self-defense, and has a worse viewing magnification, why is it higher than the BR of the ah-6m?
Because OH-58D has four AIM-92s? But the 9.3 SA.342M has four Mistrals, the 9.7 Mi-24P has four R-60M, and the 10.0 Z-9W has four Ty-90s.
Because the OH-58D has strong anti-ground capabilities?But the 10.0 G-Lynx and A129CBT/International (p) can carry 8×AGM-114B plus rockets/AAM+ cannons.

So, my opinion is obvious, the BR of the oh-58d is somewhat too high, it should go to 10.0, and as for the ah-6m, it should even go to 9.7 and replace the missiles with agm-114b.
Hopefully, the developers will seriously consider the BR of oh-58d


Could well be placeholder, would expect a recon heli to have more zoom.

That said, 10.3 is fine for it.

Being able to hover behind cover with just the mast showing, should be pretty powerful at 10.3.


But according to other players’ evaluations, it can’t do that, the Hellfire will be directly unguided.
And I think even if it can launch missiles behind cover, it still shouldn’t be at 10.3, compared to the A129, it still lacks air attack capability with a larger number of missiles, and a look zoom magnification


Dev server, work-in-progress.

The A-129’s are pretty notorious for being a bit undertiered anyway. Like the Lynx’s.

BVV_D:Good, send AH-6M to 10.7

Even if 129 goes to 10.3, the efficiency of OH58D is still too far from 129/LYNX/MI28A


the Kiowa can stand behind a hill much more than anyone.

The optic Bubble on top, is the place from where you aim yours AGM’s.

So this bubble would be the only thing going out of the hill, and making you much more invisible.

To fire a little pitch up to off load the AGM’s, making it to loft around the hill, in order to pass over it.

The OH-58D Kiowa is currently the stealthier helicopter possible for CAS.

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I can understand what you’re trying to say, but for now, OH58D can’t lock onto targets behind cover:

Hellfire cannot be guided after launch:

An 8x magnum gaze can’t see any target clearly from 4km

and the game Hellfire is known to deflect when there are trees/covers/other vehicles around the target, so you can’t clearly know and adjust your aiming point

When your lock is so unreliable, your ATGM carries only 4 rounds, so my answer is that the OH58D is currently the least reliable Hellfire missile helicopter

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I agree, it should be in the tab as an add-on for 10.0 and not as an independent machine

no air to air + long range missile equipped heli should be below 10.7 frankly. The others need up just like the oh 58d

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In addition, I really hope that everyone will not see the photoelectric mast overhead and think that it can have a strong ability to hit ground targets after cover.
In Warthunder, Hellfire needs to be continuously guided, if the target is blocked by treetops, Hellfire will have a high probability of shooting, and only sticking the optic Bubble out of the hill will only cause a large number of trees and buildings to appear in your field of vision.
Only in a part of the desert map that lacks tall trees is suitable for its use, and all this is based on the premise that the bug of Hellfire losing guidance after cover will be fixed, don’t forget, The QN506, which also has a tall optoelectronic mast, has until now been unable to lock onto F&F missiles behind cover and launch

The big advantage of the OH-58 is its sight placement. It allows the helicopter to hide behind trees/terrain and only show the top part of its camera and become impossible to detect or kill

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I hope you have read my reply above

1.Currently, it cannot be launched and booted behind cover, and this bug will most likely not be fixed

2.Hellfire requires constant lock guidance to hit, hiding behind hills will only cause your target to be obscured by many trees, and you must climb high to gain a view advantage

3.The 8x zoom makes it difficult to discern any targets at 4km, while using thermal imaging makes it difficult to tell if a target is dead or not, and you can’t hit enemies next to the wreckage by manually aiming on your own

4.Only 2+2 weapons can be selected, 4×AGM114K or 4×AIM-92, or two each, far worse than other BR helicopters

Or you can open the development server and experience the game of OH58D for yourself, instead of relying on imagination to guess the experience of the vehicle

I feel like your ways to see this as problematic isn’t really a problematic issue,…

Most people will (and certainly already found) a method in which Kiowa is effective with only showing it’s optic bubble.

Primarly because, the optic bubble was designed for that, and secondly because the kiowa isn’t forced to be close to hills as you think it will,… the slight upward angle that you’ll require to launch hellfire from behind the hill is really low, like 2° to 5° depending on how close to hill you’re.

For maintainning Lock,… i must reply that the lock is obtain through the optic bubble therefore, you’ll be able to maintain the lock during the whole weapon delivery,…

Therefore the problem that you seems to be the lone to see, isn’t one in the end,…

It might require some trainning in order to doing it efficiently, but nothing is impossible.