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Yeah, but i want something like. Online storage library with full manual editing capability.

I would prefer the opposite :D

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you get extra RP for hitting the crew now


you can try this site

I’ll take a look

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I plan to unite Britain with Jordan and South Africa, but for this I will have to move away from the concept β€œonly 5 line”.

That means this variant can’t exist in game, but it will reflect potential vehicle for our tech tree.


The only 5 lines is so stupid, they claim its because people play on small monitors, but they could literslly just add a scroll bar to show more lines!!!


105mm LMT turret also fitted on ASCOD))
Some resource says that it also can fitted with GT12 120mm gun πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§


I mean regardless I think that’d be a cool tank to have

It is stabilised?


South African scorpion modification?


I found some interesting surface to air misille what SA made to replace cactus old misilles. Would it be a good addition to our SPAAM?


The SAHV-IR is a SAM made by combining the Crotale with the IR seeker of the Darter AAM and a better, high-performance engine. It has utility against aircraft, tactical missiles, and smart munitions, with a higher speed and better target acquisition and tracking capabilities. Several different methods are guided for different countermeasure environments, including active and passive radar and IR. The combination of Radar and IR also allows a LOAL (Lock-On After Launch) capability; the SAHV-3 missile can be pointed in the general direction of the target, get a minimal bearing using IR, then lock on with radar after the missile has been launched. It also allows a shorter minimum range than can be normally used with radar homing missiles.

SAHV-3 is also an improved model of the Crotale, though not as advanced as the SAHV-IR; it uses the improved engine, but not the combination IR/radar seeker head.



I’ve figured out a little bit about the code of the official war thunder wiki. And i did this

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Why would it be below the warrior? That centurion would be at most 8.0 due to the limited speed and gun

Thats a centurion with bmp3 turret with 30mil and 35 agl, aslo could fire some kind of atgm


Got the btr gun with the size and speed of a centurion, i doubt it would be higher then a fast ofv thst has 100mm of pen, a atgm, and gen 2 thermals

It would be pretty crap, but its still funny, would make a good event vehicle

Bmp 2 has 8.7
So, its BMP2 turret.

Its Mobility :
It can also be powered by a 6TD-1 two-stroke flat 6-cylinder diesel engine developing 1,000 horsepower at 2,800 rpm. It has a maximum speed of 65 km/h on highway.
Not bad Mobility, and stabilizer bmp-2 turret.
So, i don’t think it would be 8.3

It is a BMP-3 turret with a BTR’s 30mm cannon in. You can tell by the shape, BMP-2 has a much less boxy turret, a different gun mount and the kicker is the smoke grenade positions.

You can tell its the BTR’s cannon due to the shape and length.

Yeah, i mean canon, sorry))