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Vickers mk 7 i just a Leopard with a different turret so most likely did it on a older tank

Hull makes sense beeing a longer Cent and FV4202 mix
Turret is still a mystery to me

How can this be a modification of the centurion? If 4202 has 5 rinks, Vickers, Chieftains, centurions have 6. Here 7. then the hull is unnaturally large

The hull has been elongated to have space for the bonus axle
Also this tank was last seen in the tank museum last year

Let’s just admit that this is a Vickers mk7 and get a cool premium tank)))))

Admiting to it means gettin another mess of a tank (vickers mk 7 in game is true to the original only on the outside.

The tank was modified to be longer, it was used as a object for radar testing.

Can the brimstone radar lock a t series looking tank? Yes
Proceed to produce brims

Once it was done with the radar tests they made it an OPFOR tank like the M1 KVT in the US


Aye, i said this all earlier, i guess nobody looked then

welcome to the forum, where we do not care what you did before, unless it was a drama


If you want a premium vickers, you should ask for the Vickers Mk 7/2

No, it must be researchable

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Well, uh. And what are its characteristics? Mobility? Of that strange fv4202 centurion.

The gun is really similar to the L11A5.

Well, expect normal Cent engine
Turret is a mystery to me

I think its just a visual modification to look like a russian 125mm

Checks out

Russian weapons are not getting thinner at end.

It doesnt on that centurion