Norwegian Model 142 12.7mm

Norwegian Model 142 12.7mm


  • 2x 149mm TOW2
    -BGM-71C I-TOW - 640 mm, HEAT warhead
    -BGM-71D TOW-2 - 900 mm, HEAT warhead
    -BGM-71E TOW-2A - 900 mm + ERA, Tandem HEAT warhead
    -BGM-71F TOW-2B - (Pen uncertain) Top-down, HEAT warhead
    -Ammuntion stowage/capasity: Carries 8x missles

  • 1x 12.7x99 M2 HMG Browning machinegun
    -Each magazine/crate holds: 100 cartrigdes
    -Ammunition mixture:
    Norwegian Model 140 multi purpose ammunition
    –Bullet weight: 44 Gram
    –Muzzle velocity: 903 M/S
    –Armor penetration: 10.6mm at 100 Meter
    -Norwegian Model 160 multi purpose Tracer ammunition
    –Bullet weight: 43 Gram
    –Muzzle velocity: 903 M/S
    –Armor penetration: 22mm at 100 Meter
    –Tracer: Visible 50-200m (day) 1500m (night)

  • 6x 76mm Smoke grenade launchers
    -3x3 on the rear of the turret

Length: 4,863mm
Width: 2,686
Altitude: 2,900
Top speed: 64 km/h
Engine: General Motors V6 5.2L Detroit diesel
Engine output: 212 hp
Drive: Belts
Suspension: Torsion bars
Ground clearance: 409 mm
Weight: 10,932 kg
Max trench width: 1,700 mm
Crew: 4

Max wading depth: Swims at 5.8 km/h
Vertical obstacle: 610 mm
Climbing slope: 60%
Side slope: 30%
Range: 480 km

Upper front: 38mm at 45 degrees
Lower front: 38mm at 30 degrees
Upper sides: 44mm
Lower sides 32mm
Rear: 44mm at 9 degrees
Ramp: 44mm at 8 degrees
Top: 38mm at 8 degrees
Floor: 32mm at 90 degrees

The difference between this vehicle and the other NM142/NM142F1 are that this is one of the few that had a 12.7mm machinegun, this is also one of those that did not recieve any of the F1 upgrades. This machinegun used NM140 and NM160 in mixture like NM160 and NM162 were used on the 7.62mm MG3 machineguns on the others.

As a result of the previous good experiences with the Norwegian modified wagons NM116 and NM135, it was decided to also make a new PV wagon based on the M113A2. The wagon was again inspired by an American wagon, but this was judged not to be suitable for Norwegian conditions.

The background for the modification was a need for more PV weapons and a recognition that sooner or later the NM116 would have to be replaced. A new tower was therefore developed by Kvaerner-Eureka which contained 2x. TOW 2 anti-tank missiles. This anti-tank missile had been in use in the defense since the 1970s, but then as ground-mounted.

The solution was very successful and was put into series production, the first wagons entered service in the Panzerveskadronen in 1986 and initially ran parallel to the NM116.

The tower is a very successful construction and has been sold to Switzerland (320 on Mowag), Canada (77 on M113A2) and Turkey (48 on an M113 variant).

After it was decided to phase out the NM116 as a result of the CFE agreement, the NM142 became the only vehicle type in the PV squadrons before 2 squadrons received the Leopard 1. In the first years, the vehicles were also used by the infantry.

Some of the wagons were upgraded in the late 1990s with, among other things, a new heater, a new charging system, a new cold start system on the engine as well as a number of small modifications. The modified wagons are designated NM142F1.

In 2005, half the fleet was cut and the Army today has 48 wagons left. How long these will live is uncertain.



General specs until furter is found
Missile length: 1.51 m
Missile diameter: 0.15 mm
Missile launch weight: 21.5 kg
Warhead weight: 5.9 kg
Warhead type: HEAT or tandem HEAT
Range of fire: 3.75 km
Guidance system: Wire-guided
Armor penetration: 900 mm
Number of missiles carried: 8



NM142 12.7 — ImgBB



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The NM142 tower has 6x smoke grenade launchers