Non Capped AP(BC) shells need overhaul in WT

The armor on the early US M2 series light tanks was also FHA, and possibly on the M2 Mediums. The M3 series tanks more or less has transferred over to high to medium hardness plates depending on thickness.

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Never heard anyone talk about something like that. Since the Tiger is quite a popular tank in media and literature, I’m sure I would have stumbled upon such claim.

I think 80mm is the maxium thickness of German armor to be face hardened during the war.

Ok, thanks, so the ones with the hardened outer shell were pz 3 and 4, but until the last models? Or just the initial and intermediate models.

I think they used FHA until the very last models of the Pz IV. Not sure about the H but the J certainly didn’t use FHA at that point, since the J was an effort to speed up production and lower the costs as much as possible.

Ok,thanks to all for the info.

This post needs way more attention. Issues like this should not exist, and it would boost performances for a lot of tanks.


Gaijin implemented a workable system but did a poor job of setting up the system. The issue is they refuse to acknowledge how poor of a job they did.