Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion

For me sometimes I know the NATO reporting names and sometimes the Soviet one. With the Krug I only know that but with the sa-2 guideline I only know the NATO reporting name.
It really depends. Sometimes I know both with the sa-8 gecko for example 9k33 Osa.

Pronunciation has nothing to do with

not making any sense grammatically or contextually.


It’s nice to see Fox-3s disappear from Air Assault entirely, surely they will also raise unexplained BR cap commensurately on the mode to 14.0

WTF ! I see

But BR change for aircraft rank 1 ~ 5, ground vehicle rank 1 ~ 8 and Fleet rank 1 ~ 5. when ?

probably never, since they forgot that exists…
When we look at previous years - where top tier was the main focus.

I mean they seem to have forgotten about top tier ground BRs as well, because the 2A7s and Strv 122s are still the same BR as everything else.

Anyone know how much chaff was added to the vehicles with BOZ? Just wanna see if they all got the same amount or different amounts. I know the bug report has been here for a while but is this the like 1000 chaff for the tornados lol?

680 chaff of high caliber

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Ah, you might be right. in the future gaijin decompressing battle rating for Ground RB and Ground SB higher 11.7

Not just Leopard 2A7 from 2 countries. M1A2 SEPv2, Challenger 3 TD, TKX, Type 10, Leclerc S2, Leclerc AZUR, Leclerc SXXI and T-90M decompressing battle rating max higher 11.7

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Guess i need to check if all boz pod vehicles got that exact amount. Not many people have two of the vehicles listed.

By datamines - all

Oh, appreciated then

I agree (although the SEPv2 is worse than the SEPv1). We need a major decompression in general, I just think that the 2A7s and Strv 122s should sit at least 0.3 BR higher than any other current top tier MBT.

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Its every Jaguar, they are notoriously underpowered the engine itself is decent but not for an aircraft like the Jaguar, Adours would’ve been okay if they were just in the trainer role they were originally intended for, but as we can see historically they became attackers.

I might hope gaijin add new APFSDS on M1A2 SEpv2, Leopard 2A7 HU and Leopard 2A7V from 3 countries and decompressing max BR to 12.7 ( Ground RB & Ground SB) for next quarter or fourth quarter this year

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This “effeciency” can dictate if vehicle is nerfed or buffed as well, even on matters like autoloader reload:

How I hate NATO designations

Yes,Tor is better than SA-15 Gauntlet. Or Kub,or Buk,or Strela,Osa,Dvina,Pechora,Krug,Tunguska,Shilka, and so on.

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So many rivers

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