Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

We will continue to add new vehicles of all ranks as always. However the WW2 portion of the game remains the largest by far. New vehicles continue to flow in for them too via events and regularly in the battle pass.


Okay, I sent several sources that I found around, I think some of them

@Smin1080p Since we are on the subject on nations.

How come 5 lines is the limit, is it a game engine thing or just how it’s been set up ?
If it’s a game engine thing could we see a new format to how sub trees are implemented in the future?

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and now that i was blanked i will now assume im correct on every thing

I wouldn’t count your chickens yet m8.

I fallen for that many times lol

Its a game limitation regarding resolution and size. More than 5 lines is not possible currently.


Ah that fair I can understand that.

I guess if anymore nations get a sub tree then it would be ether a no home line for it and just be placed randomly in the correct areas like the SAAF Gripen or a tab of it’s own with in a nation.

It hasn’t been explicitly confirmed that the German one is coming next update, however there is no reason currently to believe it’s not coming then.

So what ? The ARM 's will have little utility against player SAM 's, yet we have evidence those weapons are being developed too.

We already have air-launched AShM 's ingame, and clues towards more being added. Honestly, it makes more sense that they’re coming since we already have target types suitable for them.

Very informative hope when you want to start adding more line later you guys find a work around

Hasn’t happened yet we will see

I have a question: how is that French DF105 equivalent that was promised over two years ago coming along?

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i can answer that for you, i inquired that some time ago

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That’s unfortunate.

Mirage 2000D-RMV would be 12.7 material and located after Mirage 2000D-R1 & Mirage 2000D-R2

I guess gaijin add Mirage 2000D-R2 before Mirage 2000D RMV because carries IR SRAAM 2x Magic II but equipped 3rd generation targeting pod Thales Damocles, Twin bomb racks, for guided bombs on the wing, Apache anti-runway cruise missile and Addition of GPS/INS guidance AASM-Hammer

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R2 would be kinda pointless honestly

Made a report to try and get the Mig-27K labeled as a strike fighter once more.


They really need to overhaul vehicle labels and add new ones.


I mean something like “Air superiority fighter” and “Light Fighter” is pretty much all we need currently.


The big one that I think needs to be in the game is “Multi-Role”. Although tbh I don’t think they need to get too crazy with how we distinguish planes for gameplay sake, as people end up playing fighters as attackers and attackers as fighters.

I’m trying to get the 27 fixed as it is a dedicated strike plane at the end of the day, and has already been eclipsed by other planes in capabilities, yet somehow is labeled a fighter…