New Player Bias

I agree.
Whatever Gaijin is saying, there’s clearly something to it! Too many times there have been situations with insane no-pens and miraculous oneshot from a lvl nothing.

I am tall and live in a city that starts with an “A” . . . where can I apply for 10 years worth of bonus SL’s?? … . I could buy me a few thousand Dragon boxes and all my problems would be solved!! . . . lol, too funny. But yeah, myths, rumors disguised as “facts” and oh the so many “urban legends” associated with WT are really kinda mind boggling in their depth and number. I would be really happy is more folks were a bit more pragmatic about thing in War Thunderlandia . … for reals. So many fail to take in the vast amount of variables in every situation, assume because they see ONE thing they believe to be out of sorts and that thing is everywhere in the entire game . … the list could go on & on. I do appreciate those that can make valid bug reports and others that point out other things that are just outta kilter, but the misinformation and outlandish theories get out of hand far too often . . . 1 guy says it, another guy goes “YEAH!” and off we go . . . conspiracy land . . . . sigh.
Oh well, takes all kinds and people will be … . . people ☻

Yes there is something to it, something quite interesting. Confirmation bias.

Random events have a tendency to create superstition in pattern seeking brain.

Just ask the pidgeon

It’s annoying community managers even have to tolerate dumbass takes like this otherwise it just fuels the 1984 people about Gaijin covering up conspiracies.

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With less than 3000 games, you’re practically a beginner yourself and hardly have any idea what you’re talking about, so don’t start calling others a dumbass if you want to be taken seriously.

Foil is cheap, another has already been formed snd placed to stop all the rays.

I don’t need to play 20k games just to know how to fly. You must be absolutely joking if you’re going to imply that playing more than 3k is required to have an opinion on anything.

How are takes like these even allowed on this forum.
Straight up delusional.

While the OM didn’t add the ground tag to this thread, he IS talking about tanks, and you have basically no experience in tanks what-so-ever, so yes - Shhhhhhh.

He’s talking about Gaijin implementing a hidden feature that gives favourable invisible stats to a subset group of players - ground is the example. You don’t have to no life the game like yourself to figure that one is just cope.

Go be an asshat with stats somewhere else.

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That meme made me laugh.

Are you the warthunder equivalent of flat earthers? :|

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There is no such thing as buffs to worse players and the only explanation is that the game sometimes struggles to keep up with what is happening resulting on instances such as ghost shells, imposible ricochets and penetrations doing no damage. Looks like confirmation bias.

However, i do belive that the MM is designed in such a way that punishes the players the better they do in order to keep the general statistics of the playerbase as balanced as possible, and therefore you get thrown into matches with a clear advantage on one team or the other where one side easily dominates the other no matter what, bc it has better players overall and just one or two dudes in the losing team are able to keep up with the match. This would explain the multiple complains about almost every match becoming a steamroll the higher BR you are playing and the only thing breaking the trend is when new and better vehicles are introduced, which causes the player base (mostly the veterans) to switch to those vehicles for a couple weeks inflating the stats (see Leo 2A7V on release).

MM doesn’t remotely work like that.

It works almost like that in every pvp game where the average dude gets thrown into matches against either rookies or skilled dudes every other match, but in War Thunder it happens to be totally random and there is also no problem of team balanced due to nations paired, on top of the average skill of the players. Yeah, you are right, i get it :)