New hydraulic pumps on M1 series set vehicle alight and destroy turret drive when shot


I would wager that most people have not noticed these little guys now preset on the M1 series, however, they now prove to be a massive weakpoint and damage the vehicle in ways that I am not certian should be possible.

EG, the US Army has used non-flammable hydraulic fluid since the 1970s, this pump somehow combusting seems obtuse, to that same end, destroying a pump should not be fully destroying the ability for the tank to traverse at all for any tank with such a system as, 1 hydraulic lines dont just empty the moment a pump gets pierced, and 2 the hydraulic system being down should not impede the manual traverse system.


Leopard series also have these, located in the rear of the turret. 2A4s have hydriaulic pump, while 2A5 and above have “power electronics”.

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Indeed, I would think that said pumps should not catch fire either given they should be held to the same NATO standard.

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No but the source of pressure immediately stops meaning the hydraulic system is now useless.

Fair. Once the pump goes out the traverse system should be what it is with a dead battery.

Also the Us Abrams turret drive uses fire resistant hydraulic fluid not fire proof.


Technically that isn’t even the hydraulic pump. Its the fluid tank. The main pump is on the engine, with an aux pump on the floor of the turret.

Its called “fire resistant” because anything will burn if you get it hot enough. But ordinarily, all hitting that will do is make a big mess in the turret. It should not cause a fire.


Mil-H-46170 (FRH) has a fire point of 246 C. A heat jet reaches temperatures of 600 C. It is highly likely a that on contact with a heat jet FRH will ignite and stay burning. As for apfsds igniting FRH I can’t say but I assume it’s likelihood is lower.

It doesn’t burn at 264 C, it has stuff in it so it can’t sustain a fire.

Fire point is the point at which a liquids vapour will ignite and cause the liquid to burn. That’s the definition. FRH has a fire point of 264 C meaning above that equals well, burning.

The M1’s hydraulic system is a gated one, yes you wont maintain pressure when used, but you wont loose it instantly unless the lines right next to the turret drives themselves get punctured.

Self extinguishing and largely inert like MIL-PRF-83282D, is marketed as “Fire resistant”, in this case, the fluid should put itself out after impact, heck, its even marketed as stopping the propagation of most fire as well.

A Brief History of U.S. Military Aviation Hydraulic Fluids. - Radco Ind

MIL-PRF-46170E which is for M1s also makes the same claims of being “Fire-resistant”.

FR170-TDS-LAND-min.pdf (

This as well, its behind a sealed panel so it should be considered external like the forward fuel tanks to boot, same with the pump located in the 2A4’s turret.


I haven’t had a chance to check this feature out yet. Does it completely disable the drive, or does it still go to the manual back up?

Yes I know what Skydrol is.

Only after the source of ignition is removed. This could give enough time for the fluid to enter the vehicle at hi enough temp in a violative enough state to cause a fire. Plus Abrams doesn’t use skydrol it uses FRH (at least to my knowledge).

I can’t do research really well cause I don’t have my pc but using one different fluids properties to explain a different fluids properties isn’t a great argument. They could simply be referring to how, like skydrol, FRH when ignited fire spreads really slowly.
However it is likely that FRH does have similar properties to skydrol to stop burning with removal of the ignition source.

So they could possibly add a sort of timer for the hydraulic system I guess? Actually they should probably implement this for all hydraulic systems in game. It would give time to retaliate (if you aren’t destroyed) but should be like maybe 5-10 seconds of full traverse.