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1- Convoy mode, where a curtain tank/ truck needs protection from enemies to reach the destination.

2- Add truckers in game, they supply ammunitions to custom positions, can perform repairs and fire extinguishing duties or even heal crews. Could add tasks in a match where some deliveries must be fulfilled. Logistics played very important roles in wars, and trucks can be added (ie, Opel Blitz , US 2 1/2 ton , YaG-6 5 ton) . It could be a good thrill running away from enemy tanks!

personal experience

Once I spawned in a GAZ truck to do anti air duties in-game in the Stalingrad map. Uptiered up to 6.7 and a Jagdpanther spotted me, he started chasing me around the A point for a few minutes and let me tell you, that was one of the most thrilling experiences in-game!

3- ultra sim, basically Enlisted way of operating tanks

4- Land occupation, the team that occupies most land by the end of the game wins, where games have 10-20 minutes timer. Players could have a button when they press, the land gets marked and occupied, showing itself on the map. The marked lands of a team link up together to form an ally land mass and foe land mass. To occupy enemy land mass, just drive into their land and press mark button, so the part of the land links up to ally land mass. The team with most land mass by the end of the timer wins.

5- Free for all, each teams have 30 respawns available, whichever team knocks out the other first wins

6- Historically accurately matches where the tanks could face others during their years of service life. (and let people feel how unbalanced it is. KV-1 vs Pz.II , Ferdinand vs T-34 (1943) , M24 vs King tiger etc)

Anyone have opinions about my concepts feel free to ask! Or share your own concepts!

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You might want to start a new topic since this will be deleted as OP was unable to use the correct thread.

Just did, I realised this was a topic of its own

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Yeah, think yours is more “missions” than “modes”
Best of luck o7

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Cheers mate

No, it is a combined arms game and they have said it is staying that way.

Why would you use a TOW-2B to fight an aircraft with? It doesn’t do any forward damage because it is a top down attack ATGM. Try using an SPAA with SACLOS, the XM-975 with Roland 3 missles. Makes killing helicopters trivial and only the best heli pilots can counter you.

I had something like this in mind, instead of cap points it should be “land” like sectors. I think this would be a lot better than caps as they prevent CAS from knowing your exact location and just strafing/bombing you out of it and creates more dynamic and natural gameplay for ground. Players have to clear these sectors in order to capture it and bleed tickets from the enemy team.

It could be great for big maps and top tier imo.

Also an attack/defend mode like Operations from BF1 would be awesome, I think Gaijin did something like that for an event but never made it into an official game mode sadly.

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Its all i had to use the gun on the bradley got over heated.