New Ammo type Russian T90M OBR 2023 / T90A

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any documentation about this?

Thats a good way to kill your crew before you cook off

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privet i am ukrainian gunner in leopard a1a1 our commander holds 3 sabot rounds so loader can load the gun faster, i think we need this mechanic like another first stage commander ammo

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also the second platoon with leopard2 doesnt close the blowout pannel doors so they can reload quicker than it is in the game

Thats true , when we captured leopard A1A1 near Siversk region after we knocked out leopard engine and crew abandoned the tank there were 4 rounds of apfds rounds left on commander seat

Thats not true my friend from other platoon survived ammo cook-off because of KONTAKT-5 , it worked same way as ABRAMS tank series blowout panel.

sure buddy

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What the hell is this low effort troll post?

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As you can see it should work cause it offers protection against chemical and kinetic energy munitions.
And in real life it worked too.

and soon this kind of protection will be in serial production , and shells will be covered in liquid form of ERA KONTAKT-5

I am on contract with Russian army and i can confirm its true and its working.
thats true , i’ve seen some tankers put even KONTAKT-5 on top of horizontal carousel type of autoloaders
Thats pretty much like blowout panel in M1A1/M1A2 Abrams and it should work like abrams in war thunder.

inside the tank?

the blow out panel on an Abrams doesn’t stop the ammunition from exploding, it just blows the shockwave out of the tank

in addition to the blow out panel all tanks with such a panel also have an armored door which protects the crew from the exploding ammunition

on a russian tank you’d need both, you’d need to cut vents on the bottom of the tank to let the pressure get out and you’d need to put a thick armored plate ontop of your autolader to protect the crew from the blast, this would however make the auto loader useless as you have to have it be tight on all sides

Russian tank commanders have kontakt 5 ERA blocks on their helmets so if they get hit they will walk away as if nothing ever happened