Nerf the JA39 Gripen flight model

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my guy you know nothing


Gripen has its correct at-speed turn rate.
IRL dogfights are done at far higher speeds, F-16 pilots never drop to their low speeds, and only ever stay within their speed window for dogfighting, which is why they win against Gripens whose turn rates stay about the same down to their low speeds.


prove it


We already had multiple threads with thousands of replies about this lol. I believe the devs have done a good job with the available information


someones salty


Yeah the Gripen should be similar to the f15

where was that document again from? i am only finding comparisons to later f16cs and those are worse then eurofighters still


no clue in general the EFT is better anyway
maybe it was very late f16s not the c


he said f16a block 10 lol. thats what massively confuses me

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Like i said earlier this guy knows nothing

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the best actual comparison coming to my mind is the indian flight tests, that was an F-16C/D Block 52+.
And i think the eurofighter had better results then that one as well

@Mantis_Religiosa so what the hell u talking about, pls name your sources, if you only wanna cry about it go somewhere else pls


American jet is better by miles so unfair

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Haha, the cope is unreal.


i mean, if he at least would have named one of the newest f16 versions… but yeah

Well… I think what OP is saying, is that the F-16A block 10 needs to go BR13.0 and the Gripen C clearly needs to be at 12.0. EFT then can come next update at BR12.0


Yeah, because it’s a “hypermanuverable” aircraft, because of the giant fully controllable canards, and its delta wing configuration, which allows it almost turn on a dime. Only thing keeping it from that, is a complete breaking of the airframe. When it’s as light as it is, with as powerful of an engine as it has, and how maneuverable it is. As for the “Eurofighter 2k can out-dogfight a Gripen” is total BS considering the AJ/JA37 airframe can pull 30 G’s, without full control canards, I can tell you, it definitely can beat a EU-Fighter 2k. To further this, the thing is the size of a gnat, and when I say that, I’m meaning that size matters, in the case of aircraft, smaller the better. Usually means it’s faster, lighter, and more maneuverable, which is the specific design of the Gripen, with probably the best radar tech in the world right now, and won’t probably be surpassed for a while. Also, smaller means less of a target for guns and a radar, with tons of CM’s it’s a formidable fighter.

In all, no, it is accurate as it is current, should, and will not, be changed, if anything, a slight BR bump.

Le Fin.

(Or as they say in Sweden, slutet)


should mention you are partialy talking about the most modern gripen version, the aesa radar is sth nice yeah

Yeah, but as of the release of the Gripen, its radar was still top notch, as the AJ/JA/J37 craft’s radar were in time of service. When we do get the Gripen E, we will get an even better radar, probably best in the game for a while.

What is this post?

You need a lot more than that to change its FM.

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