Nerf ShVAK or move yak3 vk107 and yak3u to 6.3

these two aircraft are literally untouchable, when you get your guns on them you get a hit and they repair, and their two shvaks deal as much damage as six mg151 or four anm3s. Nerfing shvak a little and moving these two to 6.0 would fix stuff. 4.7s have no chances against them.


shvak one of the worst guns (still wants to nerf it ) good cope


Worst guns compared to what?

Atm pretty much all 20mm cannons are just insanely effective and every cannon that can choose a 100% HE belt like ShVAKS, B-20s or Type 99s make up for any potential worse RoF or velocity.

There were times when you even wanted to equip gun pods on a Bf 109 but nowadays it’s complete overkill as long as you have two 13mm MGs with explosive rounds in addition to the single MG 151/20.

And every 20mm cannon shoots off wings and tails to the same degree that 20mm Mineshells with twice the explosive filler do.

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how is shvak one of the worst guns in game, god damn who’s coping, you literally main russia and still do worse than me. I’ve literally one shot no clipped ju288 wings with a single hit of ShVAK.


Literally sparks more than sparkanos


that’s defo a skill issue, since the events nobody should name i get kills easily with just two of them ma boah. Your entire profile is a skill issue. I’m literally having worse results with four an-m3 than with the two shvaks of the yak3u.

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ye cuz yak-3u does not use shvaks lmao

ShVAK and B20S use the same ammo. The only difference is that b20 has slower fire rate. Same for vulcan and m39, same for n23 and nr23, same for gsh23 and gsh23l, same for gsh30-1 and gsh30-2. These two “duos” share ammo.

The B-20 has the same or better RoF. Both have 800 RPM unsynchronised but ShVAKS have 720 and B-20s 750 RPM in synchronised installations.
With a few exceptions like the ITP (M-1), where the devs apparently forgot to change it.