MUSS APS made a modification?

I propose that the MUSS APS be made a modification or at least made un-equipable since at the current BR of the PUMA it is completely useless and a HE magnet.
It doesn’t work as intended (as a MAWS) and neither does it spoof ATGMs.
I have enough pictures of the production PUMA not using the MUSS and it being optional.

Should the MUSS APS system be made removable from the PUMA?
  • yes
  • no
  • Looks goddamn cool without it!

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Pictures of PUMA IFV without MUSS


see also:


especially with the advent of wire guided ATGMs, the MUSS is a plain beacon for Thermals because WT sometimes makes it a source for heat plus after firing the poor main autocannon the whole turret glows ever so slightly more making the MUSS a flag for ‘kill me im here!’

plus i think it looks so much better without it

i should prolly make a suggestion for this again

For the sake of adjustability, sure make it a modification/unequipable.
But I wouldn’t say it’s useless. It’s actually quite annoying when you try to use HOT missiles from helicopters when an enemy Puma is around. It does work and it throws off the missile quite a bit when a Puma looks in the direction of the helo. Even if it’s just for a second the missile is probably unrecoverable and wasted.

funny thing is, the hot at least in game trails a wire so its technically a wire guided ATGM lol

Much like the TOW missile, HOT is wire guided and optically tracked, its exactly the kind of missile systems like Shtora and MUSS are designed to defeat.

Had quite a few TOWs spoofed by the MUSS. Can a Puma player see when it spoofs?

Aren’t some variants of TOW and HOT (and others, probably) designed to counter these types of soft-kill APS?

never noticed em.
havent been shot at by HOTs usually

They do, by altering the datalink characteristics. But which are immune to MELLS and which aren’t is unknown until we can analyze exactly how the MELLS works.
The T-90A had the Shtora system which was only effective against a single variant of the TOW, and was severely limited in its employment to the point of uselessness even against that specific variant.