Multipathing needs to go


Yes I’m sure it is a complete coincidence that flying at 20-25m over the water never does anything to radar missiles but over land it works very reliably.

Just one huge coincidence. Also the angle has nothing to do with it, firing top down while flying at that altitude over the ground still reliably defeats them.

You’re just wrong here, you can easily test it in-game too.

What are you even on about? I called you out for not having a mature conversation, and not arguing in good faith?

Anyways the 100-meter AGL mulitpath layer is pretty common knowledge at least in the sim community, you’re honestly the first person I’ve ever seen that’s claimed anything even remotely close to the 20-meter figure…

If we can’t even have an honest discussion about how it’s implemented in the game I see no reason in arguing with you further.

Let alone that over-land can mean forested land, which should have a different profile to non-forested land, which should and does have a different profile to over water.

Now, I can’t tell you if Gaijin changed non-forest land altitude in the last 4 weeks as I haven’t gotten the Suez in that time. What I can tell you is the forest altitude is myself and those I’m locked onto is at tree top squirrel touching altitude, and water is a death wish.

The above is something you should read as well.
Well, I will keep being mature, sincere, and honest. So I’ll be waiting for you to join myself and nearly all other WT players.

yeah right


I’m going to test it with someone shortly to confirm.

In my generation back then, the girls were at least real girls. no virtual anime … When you grow up, we can talk about multipathing.

LMAO, someone clearly doesn’t understand memes. And I guarantee I’m grown enough for this conversation.

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More realistic gameplay might make Air RB more entertaining right now I just hold W and throw some IR missiles then RTB.


It may not do that, but doesn’t Gaijin literally code it as a hard knock that at 10-20m above it no longer can hit you directly? And it looses lock? Or have I just been lucky every time a radar missile missed me while flying 7m above the deck.

This is not trying to be snarky I’m genuinely just curious Radar isn’t exactly my strong suit when it comes to knowledge

Well if you look at my video 3 seconds in at the first test, you can see exactly how it works/is coded, after entering the 100 meter threshold, your “radar cue” starts dipping into the ground. Your missile is perfectly fine, it’s just that it’s tracking a non-existent target below the enemy jet

There are plenty of explanations as to why you might get hit anyways, it’s usually due to the terrain, or a combination of terrain and the angle missile is coming in from, it’s all geometry at the end of the day. Multipath is calculated from ground level, not sea level, so if you’re flying over rolling hills your ground altitude may shift from 150-50 meters constantly as the ground gets closer and further away from you. Meaning you could fly straight on your screen, but relative to the ground you’re constantly shifting in and out of multi-path layer. Another thing that could happen is that you’re just about at the multipath layer, and then a slight dip happens in the ground, so instead of hitting in front of you (keep in mind, the missile Is trying to hit the radar cue on the ground, hence it will hit in-front of you usually) the missile travels that extra 10 meters, just in time for you to catch up to it and then you may get some damage as it explodes below you. It could also be that the missile has a big war-head so it damages you anyways. Another instance could be that you’re rapidly descending, and by the time you hit the multipath-layer, the rapid change in tracking for the missile might not be enough for it to divert course, so it literally doesn’t have time to divert onto the wrong course.

These instances however, are incredibly rare, and is not a result of multipath “not working”. I have roughly 500 hours in sim, played on all sorts of maps and I believe I have only once been damaged by a Phoenix when multipathing… I honestly can’t remember an instance I’ve been hit with 27ER or 7M when multipathing properly either, especially not over water.


OPs claim is so funny because current WT’s multipathing is significantly nerfed (even in sim) compared to the heights this phoenomenon happens IRL.

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It isn’t. Radar missiles IRL have much lower minimum altitudes than what multipathing does right now.

For what missile, and for what radar? Because for example, the R-27ER has a published minimum launch altitude of 3km if the target is within 6km and below the horizon (ie, they have ground… background). Now i’m no mathematician, but I bet that target is well above 100m.

Then it’s been changed, especially recently, for at least sim, which is the answer you should’ve given to begin with.
Especially since I still have vivid memories of dying to an Su-27’s R-27ER on Denmark at slightly above treetop level.

Can’t go ignoring peoples’ experiences after all.

It has not changed recently. It’s been like this since last summer at the very least.

But you can go look for the data-mine where they “changed” it, I promise you won’t find anything.

You’re right, I’ll give you some slack. I’ll admit I’ve also been mistaken in the past regarding other things. But there are better ways to go about a conversation than calling people liars and gaslighters before there’s evidence. There’s also people who swear by that certain missiles are “unflareable” when they aren’t.

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this is sim discussion not air rb

More realistic gameplay I’m sure would make Simulator battles more entertaining for players who wish to play “simulator”.

They actually can change the multipathing for just one of the game-modes. They did this a while ago when they switched off multipathing for ground-radars in ground simulator, but not other modes

When air RB is more realistic than sim for the time being. ;)

I’m not familiar with ground stuff tbh, I can’t comment on that