Multipathing needs to go


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yes, all players are stupid and only you are smart.

you are even smart to write so many swear words that your post will probably be automatically blocked :)


Go play air arcade then, cause multipathing is a real thing real pilots have to deal with, and you put this in simulator, which should of course keep this realism.


Before they change that, they need to fix a lot of other shit. And we need BVR friendly content… For example bigger and more suitable maps.

In a common 10 (blue) vs 5 (red) match on denmark no skill in the world can save you from 3 Amraams from all directions while you still retracting your landing gear.

Or Sparrows your shitty SPO-10 can’t even detect.

It would kill all game balance that is left.


You don’t know what you are talking about. Multipathing is a real thing. BUT it’s effective is so exaggerated in game, specifically because the Devs believe the average WT player is too stupid to understand how to defeat radar missiles without it. We have multiple sources showing missile effectiveness as low as 7 meters, not the 100 meters that exist in game. It also requires flat uniform terrain to not be filtered out by radars, which is not even close to how it works in game. You can ping stepanovich if you want. He is the Dev responsible for radar in game.

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This correction would benefit the Red side what are you talking about? No longer would ‘unlearned’ in F-16Cs and Gripens with 6x9Ms be able to just fly straight at everyone at 75m and be immune to R-27ERs.

If they think multipathing, as it exists in game, is a real thing, then yes they are ‘unlearned’. And the fact that it is the way it is specifically because the Devs don’t think they could get enough people to learn proper missile defeat techniques is pathetic.

If they are that soft that this hurts somebody’s jimmies then thats an LMAO

War Thunder and DCS have identical multipathing altitudes, which is extremely low to the ground; and your statement is literally agreeing with my statements with the exception of you further insulting players.
I have never had a missile fail to hit above 20 meters over land; possibly below.
And 7 meters you claim doesn’t have the context of non-forest/ocean, of which is indeed the altitude over water in WT that multipathing starts working.
It’s one of the reasons players don’t go over water in War Thunder.

That post portrays you as thinking everyone in the world is inferior to you.

Multipathing is greatly exaggerated in the game.

From my understanding it should affect some of the earlier missiles, however newer ones with mono-pulse seekers like 7M are much more resilient (should kick in around 10-30meters) and with fox 3’s we’re talking 3-10meters… It’s almost negligible.

(Approximations I’ve learned, take it with a grain of salt)

Currently in game multipath kicks in at 100 meters.

At the very least it needs to go for the fox 3’s.

It’s horrible for gameplay, punishes the BVR fighters with altitude and speed whilst allowing Gripens and F16’s to bum-rush you and there’s nothing you can do about it, despite having superior missiles and energy/altitude advantage.

One good solution would be to disable it from the sim game-mode, at least for fox 3’s



Multipath kicks in at 100 meters for all missiles in game



Fox 3s retain multipathing IRL until AMRAAM C6/7.

Not sure why you want to turn sim into arcade.

No it doesn’t… People have been avoiding water because you need to be somewhere <10 meters for it to multipath.
Multipath activates so low that a Phoenix hitting the ground can blast your tail off when you’re within the multipath altitude window.
You cannot gaslight the WT community dudes.

And @warthogboy09 just admitted they’re posting lies to troll people, and you’re repeating their incorrect takes, so you’re probably doing this together to gaslight the WT community.

The fact your posts portray everyone in the world as wrong is proof enough.

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You’re literally just wrong…

I wish multipathing kicked in at 10-20 meters like you said, you are gravely mistaken.

I see no point in arguing when you’re this blissfully unaware, and calling us gas-lighters.

This alone proves you don’t even know how multipath works.

Multipath is not something that just “activates” at some low altitude and disables the missile warhead dude, the reason Phoenix sometimes can damage you is because the warhead is so large that even if it misses you due to multipath you can still be in the blast-radius in some situations.
Multipath works by dragging your radar-track into the ground when you get into the 100-meter altitude layer AGL. You can literally see this happen in your HUD because the “circle” over the target dips into the ground/sea, instead of being over the target. When this happens anything you fire will go towards that target vector which is in the ground

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Only thing I could say about the current implementation is the effect doesn’t lessen if you are lower than the target which it should but then it’s just a race to the floor where missiles will proxy off the ground anyway.


The fact you claim all of WT’s best air players are all wrong.
And you claim all experts don’t know what multipath even is…

Then you literally parrot one of my explanations you claim is wrong. HAHA!
You can’t claim takes are wrong then post them yourself.

I’ve been playing PD radars longer than you, I’ve been using the tactics players use today since PD radars released in WT cause I learned from DCS.

What is this conspiracy you’re trying to create? I’ve only made 2 posts and tried my best to explain my take and you’re painting us as liars and gaslighters… It’s very apparent you aren’t able to have a mature conversation here, you’re not engaging in good faith.


Agreed with RazerVon.

Multipathing over oceans is considerably lower, as I found flying at around 20-25m was not causing radar missiles to fly into the ground (water rather) as it does above normal ground. Would reliably be hit flying at that altitude over water.


I didn’t call you a liar, warthog made a post that says he’s lying, thus he’s calling himself a liar.
I only called that part out.

What’s wrong with me being mature and engaging and conversing in good faith?
Do you have anything against good faith? What’s wrong with maturity?

Just because you are being hit does not mean that the missile is not multipathing. You can force SARHs to work as top down missiles by manually lifting them, from a high enough launch altitude, and because of the path the missile takes to hit the multipathing target, it can sometimes manage to proximity fuse on you.

That requires you to be close to your target to where the missile will be nearly vertical.
It’s obvious Casino, myself, and ten-thousands of other players all haven’t been the victims of vertical missile hits as those are exceeding rare today, let alone never happened before 2023.
People only recently started climbing again to begin with.

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