Move the BI to 8.0, the F-80A-5 to 7.3, the P-51H to 6.7, and the Sea Fury to 5.0. Move the N1K2-J/JA and J7W to 5.0, the Yak-3 VK-107 and Yak-3U to 6.0, and raise the BR of the Spitfires by 0.3 (except the Mk.24). This will create balance

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The Yak-15P and Strikemaster chilling at 6.3 while being better than the spitfires and the 51H…

Better than Spitfires and P-51H

You either have never flown it or you lack the mechanics to get kills with it. Yes 7.7 isn’t good but with 4 gunpods the firepower is sufficient enough, combined with an airspawn, better speed than any prop, and the ability to outturn everything at the BR range bar a Yak-15, Yak-3U, or LF Mk. 9 makes it broken.

The big warcrime in this game is that of constantly changing BRs.Nasty habit gaijin have and players support.No real need if you stop to think about it.

i agree the BI is severly undertiered. everyone crys about all these over ones and they get moved. but this mofo BI is dumb as hell.